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2019 February Runner Tracks

The February issue of the DN newsletter, Runner Tracks, has just been published over at the DN class website. Besides some excellent photography, this mid-season issue has a couple of articles that may be of interest to those involved with the race committee end of things. IDNIYRA Commodore Warren Nethercote’s article about the DN tiebreak system also includes information about how Steve and Mary Jane Schalk deal with tiebreaks in other classes. If you want to get a handle on the Bart scoring system, read Loretta Sherry Rehe and Paul Goodwin’s article that explains Bart scoring (also known as Grand Prix scoring, or Indy 500 scoring as I call it. When the checkered flag goes up at the Indy 500, all cars finish no matter what lap they are on.)

True Ink On Ice


True Ink magazine “…celebrate(s) The Noble Pursuit, a mix of adventure, expertise, and time well spent”. It’s time well spent reading their latest offering about the sport of ice sailing:


In Brief:Daniel Hearn, ice sailor of the Gold Fleet, spoke with the editors of True about the magic of the hard water. Read more.

2019 Junior World Championship Begins

Thor Rosten at the 2018 Junior DN World Championship

EU IDNIYRA Junior News

The 2019 DN & Ice Optimist Junior World and European Championships were called on for Lake Niegocin in Gizycko, Poland for February 4-8. 4LIYC DN sailor Thor Rosten and his dad, Ron, are there and again traveling with the Swedish team.  Ron reports that they may be looking at an alternative site because of a snowfall during the night. The opening ceremony is scheduled for Tuesday, February 5 at 10:00 with racing to follow. Stay tuned!

Snow Means Shop

Perfect conditions this weekend for building at the Spaight Street Syndicate. Junior sailor, Soren Hughes, glued up the sideboards of his new DN with assistance from friend Seth.

DN European Championship Complete

Chris Berger US5166 and Rafal Sielicki P254 on Lake Śniardwy in Poland             Photo: Gwidon Libera

The DN European Championship was completed today in Poland. Congratulations to Chris Berger US5166 for his 7th place finish in the A fleet, not an easy thing to accomplish in Poland.
Head over to the DN class website to see more about this regatta including some incredible photography.


Western Region Wrap Up

DN Western Region Commodore and regatta organizer Daniel Hearn with Eloise and her dad, John Dennis who was second in Gold. JD statistically tied in points with Ron Sherry for first place but Ron won the tiebreak. 

Time to review the DN Western Region Championship from a 4LIYC perspective. Congratulations to mega multi-tasker Daniel Hearn who not only organized the regatta and volunteers, he also managed to place 5th in the Gold Cup. Fellow 4LIYC sailors in the Gold were Steve Orlebeke, 3rd, Tim Sugar who placed 7th and Dave Elsmo who placed 11th,
Silver Fleet: Brian Hearn mirrored his brother’s finish by coming in 5th in the Silver, Robert Cummins was 9th, and University of Wisconsin student Soren Hughes earned top Junior sailor and placed 12th in his first regatta.
Special shout out to longtime SIBC sailor, Lou Loennecke, who had two second place finishes in Silver. It was really cool to see sailors who have been participating in these events for so many years like Bob Cummins and Lou Loennecke  line up next to each other in the two and four block in Silver race 4.
Final results can be seen here.

DN Western Region Championship Update

Before the deluge.

Quick update from Lake Pepin where the 2019 Western Region Championship is taking place this weekend. Today was one of the warmest days I’ve spent on an iceboat course. The folks who live in Lake City, Minnesota have been the ultimate hosts. Four Gold and three Silver races made for a great day. More tomorrow!

See results here.

Kegonsa 30 December 2018: Spaight St. Syndicate Championship

Footage from today’s historic Spaight Street Syndicate Global Championships on Lake Kegonsa.
Kegonsa has provided a decent venue for DN scrub racing so far – providing you sail and keep close with those who have local knowledge of areas to keep clear of. The next few days of cold temperatures should help to heal the seams on Kegonsa.
Watch Geoff Sobering’s Lake Kegonsa drone video from Saturday.

There’s a mixed precipitation weather system coming through on Monday that NOAA reports “.. is a very complicated forecast and the details will most certainly change over the next 24 hours, so remain alert and flexible and keep up with the forecast.”  Tuesday and Wednesday night’s low temperatures look very promising for Monona and Mendota because both are clean slates, having frozen and opened back up again. Stay tuned!

Weekend 2 on Winnebago

Via Danies Hearn:

Another great day on Lake Winnebago (Sunday, December 16) for the Western Region DNs. Sailors from Pewaukee, Chicago, Madison, and Oshkosh got in numerous races before the ice turned slushy mid-afternoon. Back at it next weekend, hopefully, for the ice sailing hat trick!

Wounded In Battle

Newbie Jonathon Thickens patching his hull back together at the Spaight Street Syndicate. Damage suffered at the Great Western Challenge in Battle Lake, Minnesota. Is that all you’ve got Mother Nature? See you next time.

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