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The Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club is one of the most active iceboat clubs in North America. We’ve been building and racing iceboats for over 100 years in Madison, Wisconsin, USA.

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Our ice reports are strictly for iceboat racers. Recreational iceboaters, kite boarders, cross country skiers, and ice fishermen should not rely on our ice reports. We have safety equipment. Do you?

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“If all our ice were glass, slightly wet, and all our air reasonably steady with lifters just where needed, sailing would be perfect. Sometimes we do find this, and it is worth waiting years to have. Meanwhile we must accept the more ordinary ice conditions, ordinary weather and wind, and gracefully accept snow, sometimes for weeks. Our ideal comes from time to time, the Great Maker gives only so much of the very best.” Charles H. Johnson.

Iceboating for Kids

Ice Optimists were created specifically as a youth trainer, designed to be easily built using commonly available materials, and to keep costs to a minimum.

2018 Renegade Championship Dec 15-16. Final confirmation Dec 13 Info
4LIYC Meeting: December 27 THURSDAY Info

2018 Renegade Championship ON for Dec 15-16, 2018 @ Puckaway

The Original Renegader, Elmer Millenbach

The 2018 International Renegade Ice Yacht Racing Association championship regatta has been called ON for Lake Puckaway (near Green Lake, Wisconsin) December 15-16, 2018. This is a 5 race regatta series. 3 races will take place on Saturday and 2 races will take place on Sunday.

The lake currently has 9 inches of good ice with a thin film of slush maybe a 1/4 of an inch at most. The lake has now been sailed for about two weeks. The main landing we will be using is at Apucckawa Park off of Toepper Drive.

We will be running starts for both the Renegades and also the local Nites. The first starts will be for the Renegade Championship starting at 10:30 AM CT

Our races will be run by PRO John Hayashi, with scoring by Maureen Bohleber and Mimi Hayashi. We have assistance with others but welcome any and all help.

If you have any questions you can contact either Donny Anderson 608-577-8527 or John Hayashi 608-575-8033


Apuckawa Park Access

Mecan River Outfitters:
(920) 295-3439
The Renegade Association has rented a cabin as a gathering spot here. If anyone wants to stay in the cabin, it will cost $25. There is another cabin available for rent for $120 plus tax (will hold 6 – 8 people.)
There are 4 hotel rooms left (2 people per room) for $99 plus tax

Acorn Ridge Motel

Heidel House Resort

Saturday, December 15, 2018
Registration at the launch: 9:30
Racing begins at 10:30 AM
Banquet at 7:30  Mecan River Outfitters, order off the menu.

Sunday, December 16, 2018
Racing begins at 9:30 AM
Prize giving to follow


2019 Northwest News

Class A Skeeters lined up at the 2010 Northwest Regatta on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. Photo: Joe Terry

Acting NIYA Secretary Steve Schalk has updated the Northwest Ice Yacht Association 2019 regatta documents. See the Notice of Race and 2019 NIYA Agenda over on the NIYA page.

The first possible dates that the NIYA could be sailed if conditions allow are January 18-20, 2019. Stay tuned for the next 2019 NIYA regatta update which will be on Sunday, January 13, 2019.

Wounded In Battle

Newbie Jonathon Thickens patching his hull back together at the Spaight Street Syndicate. Damage suffered at the Great Western Challenge in Battle Lake, Minnesota. Is that all you’ve got Mother Nature? See you next time.

Big Iron ISA Video

Always a pleasure to see what Minnesota iceboater Jim McDonagh comes up with video-wise after a regatta. Ride along on the range with JD and Marty Robbins as they race JD’s Class A Skeeter at the ISA regatta in Battle Lake, MN.


DNs @ Fondy

Via Daniel Hearn:

Sailors from Lake Geneva, Chicago, Madison and Oshkosh met in Fond du Lac for a weekend of scrub racing on Lake Winnebago. Lighter breeze Saturday and good breeze Sunday. Lost count of the number of races. Nice dinner Saturday night in Ripon with some of the Green Lake contingent. Let’s do it again next weekend if we avoid snow in the area!

2018 Renegade Championship Tentatively Called On

Photo: gretchendorian.com

The 2018 Renegade Championship regatta has been tentatively called on for December 15-16, 2018. Primary site is Lake Winnebago at Fond du Lac, WI and secondary is Lake Puckaway near Green Lake, WI. Final confirmation will be made on Thursday, December 13, 2018 by 1 PM CT.


2018 ISA Photos

Battle Lake photographer, Jann Kline, took advantage of the elements of light, wind, and ice to shoot these beautiful photos at the ISA regatta there on Saturday.


2018 ISA Update

The sun shines again on 4LIYC sailors Paul Krueger and Ken Whitehorse as they take a break on Paul’s A Skeeter RAMBL’N XII

2018 ISA Information & Results

The Skeeters are all done for the day in Battle Lake, Minnesota. The wind was too light to get a third Nite race in. Results have been updated on the ISA page.

And isn’t it great to see PK back in the saddle again. To say that iceboaters are a determined lot is an understatement.

2018 ISA Provisional Results

Direct from the ISA Tabulation Office in Fontana (just up the hill from Chuck’s on Geneva Lake, one of the world’s greatest iceboating bars), here are preliminary results from the ISA regatta.
2018 ISA Information page

Click here to see results

2018 ISA A Skeeter

Battle Creek, Mn. December 7th, 8th, & 9th

Results are provisional as of 13:28 on December 7, 2018


Sailed: 2, Discards: 0, To count: 2, Entries: 4, Scoring system: Appendix A
SailNo HelmName R1 R2 Total
U 194 John Dennis 1.0 1.0 2.0
M 197 Kenny Whitehorse 2.0 2.0 4.0
M 165 Paul Krueger 3.0 3.0 6.0
V 500 Steve Orlebeke 5.0 DNC 5.0 DNC 10.0

Sailwave Scoring Software 2.25.11 www.sailwave.com

2018 ISA B Skeeter

Battle Lake, Mn. December 7th, 8th, & 9th 2018

Results are provisional as of 13:30 on December 7, 2018


Sailed: 2, Discards: 0, To count: 2, Entries: 2, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank Sail No HelmName R1 12-7-18 R2 12-7-18 Total
1st I 234 Jim McDonagh 1.0 1.0 2.0
2nd I 564 Steve Schalk 2.0 2.0 4.0

Sailwave Scoring Software 2.25.11 www.sailwave.com

2018 ISA Nite

Battle Lake, MN. December 7th, 8th, & 9th

Results are provisional as of 13:31 on December 7, 2018


Sailed: 1, Discards: 0, To count: 1, Entries: 5, Scoring system: Appendix A
Rank SailNo HelmName R1 12-7 Total
1st 517 Dan Bierman 1.0 1.0
2nd 396 Bill Reed 2.0 2.0
3rd 384 Don Sanford 3.0 3.0
4th 169 Steven Wiberg 4.0 4.0
5th 415 John Stasieluk 6.0 DNC 6.0

Sailwave Scoring Software 2.25.11 www.sailwave.com

Regatta Dates 2019

Wisconsin Iceboat Hotline

  • DN Western Challenge
    Dec 1-2, 2018
  • DN Western Region Championship
    Jan 5-6, 2019  DN North America
  • WSSA Championship Regatta
    Jan 5-6, 2019
  • International Skeeter Association & Renegade Championship
    Jan 11-13, 2019
  • Northwest Regatta (NIYA)
    January 18-20, 2019
  • DN  European Championship
    January 20-25, 2019
  • DN & Ice Opti Junior Worlds
    February 4-8, 2019
  • DN Gold Cup & North American Championship
    February 16 – 23, 2019
    DN North America
  • WSSA Stern Steerer Championship
  • Nite Nationals
  • Baikal Ice Sailing Week, Siberia
    March 16 – 23, 2019


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  • November 14
  • November 29 THURSDAY Elections, Elect Fleet Captains. Vote on ISA & NIYA Agenda Items
  • December 12
  • December 27 THURSDAY
  • January 9 Honor Roll Nominations
  • January 23 Deadline for By-Law or Racing Rules Amendment Submission
  • February 6
  • February 20 Business Meeting
  • March 6
  • March 20

Location: Angelo’s 5801 Monona Drive Monona, WI Time: 6:30 PM alternate weeks We meet downstairs and all are welcome.



Lake Access Permits

A year-round permit required for designated launch sites in the City of Madison and Dane County Parks. Locations include:

  • Lake Mendota Warner Park Mendota County Park
  • Lake Monona Tonyawatha Tr. Olin Park
  • Lake Waubesa Goodland Park

Purchase Lake Access Permit Online.


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