The Neighborhood Just Got Better

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The next door neighbor of made some improvements on their building on the Monday after the Northwest regatta.. Greg Whitehorse was there to help and document the change.

It was a busy day at the Past Champions Iceboat Shop in Monona, Wisconsin. Ken WhiteHorse captured the Northwestern Class A Skeeter Championship last weekend on Minnesota’s Lake Waconia, 47 years after capturing that same title in 1977(!!!). You do,after all, have to keep things “Current”.

2024 Northwest Regatta – A Note of Thanks

Photo: Shane Lewis – Silverfoxviz

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The Northwestern Ice Yachting Association Championship Regatta came to a successful conclusion on Sunday February 25th 2024.
As Regatta Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer and competitor, I have many people to thank and acknowledge for the success of the event.
My number one support was Pat Heppert who drove all over Minnesota sailing potential ice sheets, and then set marks at the crack of dawn every day and moved them throughout the event as the wind moved around. He started most races and called numbers as well.
Thanks to the DN Western Region who let us use their ATV and trailer for the whole event.
Thanks to everyone who helped set, pick, move and reset the starting blocks and safety zone markers. Colton Hibbard got to learn the trade at his very first regatta.
Thanks to Deb Whitehorse for her usual efficiency in getting the data down right through all the weather changes and course moves, also instantly posting notices of all changes we made. Thanks to Ann Foeller for setting up the tabulating file and Mary Jane for completing that file and tabulating Saturday. Thanks to Julie Jankowski for monitoring the windward mark throughout. Thanks to the rest of the race committee for splitting the workload and making timely decisions.
I want to especially acknowledge the participation of Paul Kreuger and John Davis, who are still racing hard in all conditions at the ages of 84 and 80 respectively. They are perfect examples of the competitors who built and maintained this sport that we all love.

Steve Schalk
NIYA Secretary/Treasurer

Northwest – Across the Ice

Across the Ice | Minnesota 4K from ImageStream Press on Vimeo.

Winter may be coming to an end, but not yet for the 2024 Northwest Regatta on Lake Waconia in Minnesota. Some rough ice for iceboating but good winds and weather. The Northwest is the oldest ice sailing regatta in North America dating back to 1913. The DN Class North American Championship begins on Monday, 2/25/24. Great to have this event in Waconia, Minnesota.

Aerial segments filmed with a Mavic 3, edited and color graded with Vegas. Portions of the film have been sped up to compress the time over the vast distances with adjustments to lighting for effect. Flown within visual flight ranges, max altitude 400ft AGL across Minnesota. Music by Christopher Dennis Coleman “Vesper”, CHPTRS “Last Chance, “You Will Find Me” courtesy of the Musicbed.

2024 Northwest Prize Giving

Congratulations to all participants of the Northwestern Yachting Association Regatta! Thank you for your dedication and passion for the sport as you competed in North America’s oldest ice sailing regatta, a tradition that began in 1913.

The wind never fully cooperated Sunday morning, leading to a challenging waiting game. The regatta was called complete Sunday at 11 AM by NIYA Secretary/Treasurer Steve Schalk.

A heartfelt thank you goes out to everyone who contributed to the regatta’s success, from those who scouted for ice, set courses and starting blocks to those who assisted with off-site tabulating, including Ann Foeller and Mary Jane Schalk.

Northwest DN champion Robin Lagraviere, alongside his fellow Canadians Nicholas Mabboux and Jacek Marzenski, were notably absent as they were out on the course training for the upcoming DN North American Championship, set to begin on Lake Waconia today, Monday February 26.
Follow the action here.


Northwest Regatta – Day 3 – AM Update

C Stern Steerer ACE OF SPADES – Photo: Kevin Barta


Day two of the 2024 Northwest Regatta brought clear, sunny skies, ideal conditions for a day filled with races and camaraderie on Lake Waconia in Minnesota. As the day progressed, the race committee concluded the day’s activities earlier than planned in light of the building winds.

Mike Peters and ACE OF SPADES

Ken Whitehorse tells the story of the when Buddy pulled out a bottle of Cutty Sark out of his jacket at Northwest. John Davis is on the plank. John has been attending the Northwest since 1954.

A highlight of the day was the presentation of the esteemed Bottle Trophy to the deserving crew of the C Stern Steerer ACE OF SPADES, helmed by Mike Peters and Terry Reynolds. In his eloquent speech, Ken Whitehorse shared the rich history of the trophy, first sponsored by the legendary Buddy Melges. Mike Peters and ACE OF SPADES with crew Terry Reynolds carry on the bottle trophy legacy this year.

2024 Northwest: Day 2 – AM Update

Renegaders Doug Kolner and Mike Derusha at the one and two blocks.


Update –  Post updated to include the real location. The webmaster regrets the error and blames it on not enough coffee. The 2024 Northwest Regatta kicked off on Lake WACONIA in Minnesota on Friday, February 23, the first one held in five years.

The winds remained relatively steady throughout most of the day, ranging from 8 to 12 mph. The Race Committee had to reset the course twice. However, as the day progressed, the winds began to fade. The last Stern Steerer, B Skeeter, and DN races were black-flagged because of the time limit.

The bumpy ice conditions tested each sailor’s skills. After each race, sailors had to check all fittings to ensure they remained secure, noted DNer John Harper (US60) from Michigan.

Saturday, February 24, 2024 Schedule Update
9 AM: First Race. Stern Steerers Race #2
Followed by B & C Skeeter Race #2
Normal rotation then resumes:
E Skeeter
A,B,C,D Stern Steerer
ISA B & C Skeeter

Michigan Renegader Peter Sarelis turns the hotel hallway into a sail loft.