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The Northwestern Ice Yachting Association 2023 race committee has not located any location suitable for the regatta for next weekend. With holidays filling the following two weekends, the 2023 Regatta is cancelled.

The 2024 NIYA Regatta is scheduled Friday January 19  – 21, 2024.

Steve Schalk

Northwestern Ice Yachting Association


Historical Photos from the 1947 Northwest

A55 is TAKU, currently owned by the Schloemer family of Lake Geneva, WI. Photo colorized by Photoshop.

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Thanks to Lori Klein-Clossen for sharing two captivating photos from her grandfather’s collection from the 1947 Northwest at Oshkosh. These photos are a welcomed addition to the 1947 Northwest history page.

In 1947, after a five-year hiatus due to World War 2, the first post-war Northwest convened at Oshkosh. Among the notable triumphs, the 4LIYC’s FRITZ, under the new ownership of the Lunder brothers with Carl Bernard at the helm, clinched the A Stern Steerer trophy. Ed Rollberg, a future bearer of the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant, secured the E Skeeter title.
The post-WW2 era brought a wave of innovation, with returning iceboaters, like the visionary Elmer Millenbach, designer of the Renegade.

A noteworthy read from the start of the 1946-1947 season: Yachting Magazine published a comprehensive article by eastern iceboater Ray Ruge, offering an in-depth exploration of iceboating in North America. Dive into the past and read it here [insert link].

Tip of the Helmet to Lori Klein-Clossen for connecting us with these historical photos.

December 5, 2023: DN & Renegade Equipment in WI/RI

DN and Renegade equipment for sale:

•S-713 North American equipment for sale
•C2 Hull and cover
•C2 prepreg mast
•C2 aero plank and cover
•C2 Runners and Guncase
•Ullman/Boston F01 and ABSS Sails

•1D PGP36 and F Speed avalible with glass or carbon battens New and used excellent condition

•North/Boston F01 with battens brand new, never used, no insignia or #’s- $1000

•North Max Power with battens excellent condition- $1000

•C2 Plank with Struble chocks- $900

•CSI/Kent Plank with Jablonski chocks-$1200

• MBC Light LV3 All Carbon mast lightly used $2900

• MBC Stiff HV5 All Carbon Brand New $3500

• MBC FEMALE HYBRID Tube only $900

• MBC HYBRID MV4 $2800

•Renegade Sails with Battens
• Henry North tack seam $950
• Boston “Magic” $800

•Renegade padded runner bags (3) $200

Located in Madison, WI and RI
Contact: Chad Atkins
DN US 4487