2020 Renegade Championship Called ON for Dec 19-20, 2020

2020 Renegade Championship Called ON for Dec 19-20, 2020

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2020 and 2021 Renegade Championship Regatta Information

The 2020 International Renegade Ice Yachting Association Championship regatta is scheduled for December 19-20, 2020. Final confirmation will be made on Wednesday, December 16th at 1:00 PM CT.


The IRIYA board will limit regatta locations for the 2020-2021 season to southern and central Wisconsin because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The IRIYA board wants to maximize regatta participation by choosing a site that allows commuting and avoids motels and restaurants. Regatta registration will be online. We will not have any social events or group gatherings.


Ron Rosten
IRIYA Secretary


New Mary B Ice Boat Foundation Website

New Mary B Ice Boat Foundation Website

Announcement: We are pleased to announce a new Mary B Ice Boat Foundation website!!


The Ice Boat Foundation, Inc., current owners of the famous Mary B, announce the launch of our new Mary B website iceboatfoundation.org


We’re thankful for the great design work of Deb Whitehorse and everyone who provided photos, videos and content. We’re especially thankful on this day for all of our supporters who provided the funds to help us purchase and restore the fastest piece of Madison history. If you haven’t made a contribution to the effort, you’ll find a place on the website to do that.


Mostly though you’ll find stories and photos that tell the story of Madison’s famous iceboat, the Mary B.


And a special thanks to O.T. Havey, Frank O. Tetzlaff and Carl Bernard. Without that dream team there would be no Mary B.


See you on the ice.
Don Sanford

2021 DN World & North American Championship Cancelled

2021 DN World & North American Championship Cancelled

DN Western Region Championship on Lake Mendota

Via DN North America

Cancellation of the Gold Cup and North American Championships

The IDNIYRA Governing Committee earlier announced plans to decide by November 25th whether the 2021 Gold Cup would be held. Since publishing the Q&As it has become apparent that holding the regatta in 2021 is not feasible. The Canada-US land border closure has been extended to 21 December and Europeans cannot travel to either the US or Canada for non-essential reasons. Therefore the 2021 Gold Cup is cancelled.

It would be possible to delay making a decision about the 2021 North American Championships until the next decision about the Canada -US border, but public health restrictions within states and provinces make the feasibility of any international event doubtful at best. As a result the IDNIYRA Governing Committee has decided to cancel the 2021 North American Championships but will endeavour to hold an American Championship in the same timeframe.

Warren Nethercote
Commodore IDNIYRA

Book Club: Ice Boating by H. L. Stone

Book Club: Ice Boating by H. L. Stone


Ice Boating by H L Stone

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Stern-Steerers ruled the ice 25 years before Frederic Gardiner wrote Wings On The Ice. In 1913 Herbert L. Stone published a popular iceboating book simply called Ice Boating. Stone, who edited Yachting Magazine, wrote the forward to Wings On the IceStone crammed his book with technical details and drawings. His friends in the yachting world contributed to the book, such as the famous yacht designer Nathanael Herreshoff who tried to explain the math behind iceboat speeds. 

I can find no evidence that Stone ever owned an iceboat, but he had a tremendous influence on the sport by helping to popularize it through articles in Yachting Magazine. Stone played a big part in reviving the Ice Yacht Challenge Pennant (IYCP) when he encouraged the IYCP trustees of the New Hamburgh Ice Yacht Club to pass on the trusteeship to the Eastern Ice Yachting Association. Stone was inducted into the National Sailing Hall of Fame in 2019.

White Wings Black Ice is the greatest website source on the Hudson River ice yachts of Stone’s time. Brian Reid’s website has page dedicated to vintage books as well.

3 Stolen Renegades & Trailer in Michigan

3 Stolen Renegades & Trailer in Michigan

Ron Sherry’s trailer with 3 Renegades was stolen near Detroit, MI over the weekend from a locked storage facility. Please keep an eye out for these boats. The trailer can be replaced but iceboats built by Ron and his dad, Lorne, can not.

!!! STOLEN !!! !!! STOLEN !!! !!! STOLEN !!! !!! STOLEN !!!
Ron Sherry’s Renegade Trailer was stolen from Fraser Automotive near 14 Mile and Utica Road. It was stored in a locked, fenced area. The chain to the lot was cut and the locked hitch coupler was somehow bypassed, allowing them to drive off with the trailer and all its contents. Three generations of Renegade iceboats, Lorne’s, Ron’s, and CJ’s Sweet Caroline, plus all the planks, sails, and tools. The license plate on the trailer is D829645. There is a sticker that says Iceboat near the lock on the door. Please contact us ASAP if you see this trailer. ron@iceboatracing.com

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