“It’s The People That Make the Club”

Where is YOUR trophy base? Paul Krueger’s was done within 24 hours of receiving the trophy! (Note PK’s photo on the wall.)

We had a packed house at last night’s Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club Awards Banquet at Springer’s, overlooking the lake that hosted the most iceboat racing in North America and maybe even the world.

It was a perfect mix of veteran and newer members. Long-time club members like “Admiral” Dave Nelson (Kegonsa is his private lake) and Mrs. Admiral Nancy came in the latest 4LIYC shirts, while Jerry Simon ensured the classic red blazer was present.
Banquet chair Lars Barber surprised the room with a sincere presentation highlighting the season and behind-the-scenes help that 4LIYC members provide to keep the show running.

Trophy chair Damien Luyet handed out the “pots and pans.” Because the club’s trophy engraver, Ray Karas, is no longer engraving, Damien and Donny Anderson had to devise a new way to get the job done. Ray was one of the last engravers we know about who could carve on a rounded surface. Damien asked that all trophy recipients make a base to make it easier for flat engraving.

The trophy base-building winner is Paul Krueger, who whipped up a base this morning for his Class A Skeeter trophy. Who will be the next person to make a trophy base?

Wisconsin Skeeter Association 2023 Virtual Awards Ceremony

Ken Whitehorse on Lake Kegonsa in March 2023. Photo: Ethan Brodksy

The awards season kicks off today with this virtual presentation for the Wisconsin Skeeter Association. The in-person 4LIYC banquet is this Saturday, April 22 at Springer’s on Lake Kegonsa. There’s still room for you to join the party! Please get in touch with Deb today.

Submitted by WSA Trophy Chair Ken Whitehorse:
Eleven years ago, Paul Krueger, Bill Dale, Tom Hyslop, and Ken Whitehorse formed the Wisconsin Skeeter Racing Association while sailing on Green Bay in mid-April 2012. We sailed six competitive races, yet “how would you know (copyright Bill Mattison.).” During lunch breaks, the racers discussed how poor ice conditions made club races a rarity. We determined that wherever good ice should appear in Wisconsin, we would hold sanctioned iceboat races as the Wisconsin Skeeter Racing Association. Wisconsin iceboat clubs carry letters on their sails: M for Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club in Madison, I for Skeeter Iceboat Club in Lake Geneva, V for Pewaukee, and U for Windjammers in Green Bay.

The 2023 champions are:
C Skeeter: Pat Heppert
B Skeeter: Jim Smith
A Skeeter: Ken Wahoo Whitehorse

4LIYC Spring Social: Save the Date – April 22

We are pleased to announce that the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club will officially conclude the season at Springer’s On The Lake, the home of some of the best ice sailing in the United States this year. Please save Saturday, April 22, and join us once again on Lake Kegonsa to celebrate ice boating. Stand by for the details.
What: Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club Awards & Social Event
When: Saturday, April 22, 2023
Where: Springer’s On Lake Kegonsa, Stoughton, WI

2022 ISA & Renegade Championship Trophy Presentation


The Nite Gang

Congratulations to all who participated in the 2022 International Skeeter Association regatta and Renegade Championship on Lake Monona, February 18 – 20. On Sunday morning, the Race Committee decided that strong winds (just like on Friday) would have been too much to safely race and called the regatta complete. We took advantage of every minute of Saturday to get the regatta in.