4LIYC By Laws Proposal for Feb 15 Business Meeting

4LIYC By Laws Proposal for Feb 15 Business Meeting


Joe Norton flags Damien Luyet at the 2023 Renegade Championship on Lake Kegonsa. Photo: Will Johnston

Proposal to Change the 4LIYC Bylaws & Racing Rules
Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club scoring chair, Tim McCormick,  has submitted a proposal to change the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club Bylaws and Racing Rules. Tim’s proposal will “alleviate the confusion we had last year in the Skeeter fleet and clarify scoring classes with multiple fleets at regattas.” The changes are marked in red in the pdf document and affect the following:

  1. Bylaws: Article 6, Section 6
  2. Racing Rules, Part III Race Management, 7. Scoring, h. Fleets
  3. Racing Rules, Part III Race Management, 8. Stay-At-Home-Series & Regattas, c.

Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club members in good standing will vote on the proposal at 4LIYC Business Meeting on February 15, 2023. Please review the proposal.

Mary Jane Schalk: Ready For Some Time Away

Mary Jane Schalk: Ready For Some Time Away

Steve and Mary Jane Schalk

Via Mary Jane Schalk, Fontana, WI

Hey Ice boat racers,

I just want to thank all of you for so many years of helping me with one of the coolest things I have ever done. We have all been through so much together.

I think I started scoring ice boat regatta’s back in the 90’s. Remember way back then and I did all the tabulating with a pencil and a very long sheet of paper. There were some interesting stories and memorable situations back then! It took a while but so worth it to graduate into computer scoring.

I had so many great people to work with. First of all many of you sailors were my callers, and then I had Renate Intini, Julie Jankowski, and then Deb to work with. As you know Deb and I had some pretty good and crazy times together. We could figure out ways to entertain ourselves during a postponement, and had way more fun that we probably should have!!! Thanks Deb for all the fun times. I would also like to thank Shari Lundberg for teaching me in the beginning all about scoring and tabulating.

I stopped scoring from the ice to help take care of my mom and then we had so many cats that needed care like insulin shots twice a day, fluid under the skin, and medicine that – that kept me from coming back. But I was then able to do the tabulating from home.

I was still a helper by arranging hotels, banquets, and meetings for regattas. I drew for your starting positions from home and called them into Deb. Deb would take a picture of your finishes and call them in or send them to me. Now with me being able to post to the web page on a good day I could score the race and get it posted before the last finisher got out of his boat. That is way cool.

But I am ready for some time away. I have lots of plans for some fun activities while the regattas are on. Maybe I’ll just go down and visit some other retired ice boaters like Gary and Kenny Kessler. Now that would be fun!!! Deb asked one of the DN tabulators, Ann Foeller of the Toledo Ice Yacht Club, if she would score the ISA and NW regattas and she agreed. I wouldn’t leave without a replacement.

I am so happy to have met so many really cool and fun ice boaters. We have had lots of fun times, and made great memories. I can hardly wait for a regatta to come to Geneva Lake, as then I can hang with you all on the ice, and not be stuck at home in front of the computer.

Have fun everyone, be careful on the ice, and sail fast,
BTW I am sharing my favorite version of Steve’s iceboat song. I’d say it a pretty good one! LINK

Via Jane Pegel:

Mary Jane was a significant member of the Lake Geneva YC race committee. She also is a competitive sailor. She handled the front end of Steve’s E scow and his J-24.

She trimmed jib on my class M scow and helped me win Inland Lake YA championships and Blue Chips. She is no doubt, an exceptional woman who is happy to be “involved”.


Mary Jane Schalk has been a crucial part of North American iceboating racing, and she’s decided to take a well-earned retirement. You may have seen her smiling face on the ice of Lake Geneva, but she was deeply involved behind the scenes in every Northwest, ISA, Renegade, and many Nite regattas for 30 years. She took care of numerous organizational details so that you ice sailors could book a room, attend a banquet, see your regatta scores, receive your trophies, and pursue your passion for iceboat racing.

MJ and I share many good memories. One of my best was driving on Geneva back to the Fontana landing towards the sunset. We were singing a silly, fun song at the top of our lungs that we had made up about the late Renegade sailor, Arlyn Lafortune, to the marching chant O-Ee-Yah! Eoh-Ah from the Wizard of Oz. (Yeah, you had to be there…) We both probably enjoyed too much red wine later that night but were always ready for the next day. I know she’ll continue to be the first person I call when I have a funny story to share. – Deb Whitehorse

Celebrating the Women of Ice Sailing

Celebrating the Women of Ice Sailing

Happy Mother’s Day to all the women involved in ice sailing. The day provides a chance to share some history of women in ice sailing.  The first woman who comes to mind for most of us is Skeeter Ice Boat Club’s Jane Pegel, pictured above, who has won many ice sailing titles. Ron Sherry sent this article about Detroit Ice Yacht Club’s Garwood Regatta published when Jane won the Scripp’s Trophy for DNs, a reminder of the time when the idea of “housewives” accomplishing anything was considered a novelty.

Women have been key members of iceboat race management for many years.  Below is an article shared by Jack Jacobs about his mother and the other women of the Detroit Ice Yacht Club who
made things run smoothly so that ice sailors could concentrate on racing and socializing. Much of what is written about scoring iceboat races in this article remains true 68 years later such as keeping the chatter to a minimum and the writers keeping their eyes on the score sheets while they miss the excitement of the racers rounding the leeward mark.

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