Got Ice

“My work here is done…”

One week ago today, the high temperature was -2F. Contrast that to yesterday’s high of 55F. That’s almost a 60-degree swing in the Zamboni direction. Ice sailors have been taking advantage of the thaw on Pewaukee and Delavan this week.

4LIYC members will check Mendota, Monona, and Kegonsa today to learn what we have. A concern for us is the thickness and drain holes. We will report back tonight with more information.

Other Possibilities:
Via the Nite Facebook Page:
“Pewaukee is shaping up with a freeze predicted Friday night/Sat Morning. The PIYC is planning a 10am start Saturday and possibly Sunday. 4lakes, Green Lake, etc… all are welcome to get your 1st laps in of the season! Launch at Gina’s Sports Dock. Do not drive your car on. Walk trailers on and park across the road.”

Via the Puckaway Ice Sailing Squadron Facebook Page:
“We are calling on a NEW YEARS Regatta for Sunday. For lack of a better name and with consultation with Donny we are going to call it the Grand Slam for January 1st. The final call will be Saturday afternoon.”

Nite Recap

Via Nite Treasurer Maureen Bohlehber:

Nite Holiday Regatta
December 26 – 27, 2020

With a total of 19 boats over the weekend on ice that was as Hollywood as you can get, the Nites completed 13 races on Lake Puckaway in central Wisconsin, a great early season iceboating venue. The Nites competed for a Saturday, Sunday, and overall series.
The ice was so smooth you could not even hear your runners glide over the ice. These are the perfect conditions for ice boaters, hence the name “Hollywood Ice.”


With a large fleet in attendance, the competition was close. The 2020 Nite National champion, Chad Rechygl of Pewaukee Wisconsin, and Mike Jankowski of Green Lake Wisconsin battled it out throughout the weekend for the overall top spot. Split-scoring the event by days allowed sailors to try different settings and tactics. As they say, everybody has a favorite condition. Jim McCabe was the hot sailor of the weekend, cracking the top three on both days. Another local favorite, Byron Hill, also placed consistently in the top three. Chad Rechygl took first, Mike Jankowski second, and the Vandervelde brothers in the next two spots in the overall standings.


We were happy to see a strong showing of sailors from Lake Kegonsa and the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club as well, with Lars, Henri, Brad, and Don in attendance. They sailed fast and showed a considerable step in improvement from last year’s event. We were also lucky to have Daniel Hearn join in the racing and experience the close roundings and the back and forth position changes that make Nite racing unique and fun.


It was interesting to watch from the Race Committee view, learning from Deb Whitehorse, John Hayashi, and George Gerhardt. While Saturday’s course was more straightforward, the Race Committee had to chase the wind and change the track. When the wind settled in, the Nites sailed six races before the snow started to fly.

It was a memorable weekend of Nite racing. It was ICE COLD FUN!

A Mesmerizing Iceboat Ride

Ride along with Chad Rechygl in race 10 at Sunday’s Nite regatta on Lake Puckaway:

Come join me for a ride during a race win. Not sure what I was doing to get in the boat, that was a new move lol. Sorry the camera shook loose and started pointing up.. enjoy the black ice!

Regatta Watch: 2020 Renegade Championship Called ON

Provisional Results

The 2020 Renegade Championship has been Called ON for Puckaway Lake near Princeton, WI for December 26-27, 2020. The Renegade Championship will join with the Nite class for their Holiday Series. This post will be updated with Sailing Instructions and more information as we receive it.

Online registration is MANDATORY. You will not be able to pay using cash or check at the sailing site.


Apackwaka Park on Puckaway Lake, Montello, WI.
Do not drive on the ice! Please save the landings as well.

Black lines are very small working seams, they have small gaps with thinner ice and possible water gaps. The circle is a very small patch of rougher ice that can be sailed just a little more bumps to it. We will sail right off the landing.

Ice Report: The lake was walked, drilled, and measured by Nite Commodore John Hayashi today December 24, 2020. He found 4″ of ice everywhere with some areas thicker. See the map above for working seams.


Schedule of Events:
Saturday, December 26, 2020
8:30 AM: Skippers Meeting
9:00 AM: First Nite Race
10:00 AM First Renegade Race
Renegade By Laws specify 3 races for Saturday.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

9:00 AM First Nite Race

9:30 AM First Renegade Race

2020 Nite Holiday Series

2020 Nite Nationals on Green Lake. Photo: Rob Resnick

Via Nite Class Commodore John Hayashi:

The weekend of December 26-27, 2020 looks like the right date for the conditions to be safe on Lake Puckaway in Wisconsin. Currently there is only 1.5 inches of ice and it is doubtful that the ice will be ready for this weekend. However, the following weekend we have planned a series that follows Nite Class COVID19 protocols and allows for a safely distanced weekend. The Nite Class has invited the Renegade Class to participate and we have a management team in place to help make sure things run smooth and safe. This is a Nite National event so you need to be a member in good standing and this needs to be done prior to the event. Both the Renegades and the Nites will rotate throughout. The final call will be made on December 23, 2020.

We ask all iceboaters to respect the conditions and also the ramps as we would like them to build for a successful season. Good ramps = easier season. Please watch the class website for the latest information.