Renegade Recap

Renegade Recap

Joe Norton waits as the Renegades line up to race.


On Sunday morning, the Nites sailed one race as the Renegades waited, but the wind shifted, and the course had to be changed. The Renegade fleet decided to call their regatta complete because they weren’t sure if there was enough time to move and scout the new course for hazards before the snow came. The snow held off, the Nites banged off five more races and had a spectacular day.

Don Anderson 5th, Daniel Hearn 4th, Andy Gratton 3rd, Jim Gluek 1st, and Ron Sherry 2nd.

Regatta Watch: 2020 Renegade Championship Called ON

Regatta Watch: 2020 Renegade Championship Called ON

Provisional Results

The 2020 Renegade Championship has been Called ON for Puckaway Lake near Princeton, WI for December 26-27, 2020. The Renegade Championship will join with the Nite class for their Holiday Series. This post will be updated with Sailing Instructions and more information as we receive it.

Online registration is MANDATORY. You will not be able to pay using cash or check at the sailing site.


Apackwaka Park on Puckaway Lake, Montello, WI.
Do not drive on the ice! Please save the landings as well.

Black lines are very small working seams, they have small gaps with thinner ice and possible water gaps. The circle is a very small patch of rougher ice that can be sailed just a little more bumps to it. We will sail right off the landing.

Ice Report: The lake was walked, drilled, and measured by Nite Commodore John Hayashi today December 24, 2020. He found 4″ of ice everywhere with some areas thicker. See the map above for working seams.


Schedule of Events:
Saturday, December 26, 2020
8:30 AM: Skippers Meeting
9:00 AM: First Nite Race
10:00 AM First Renegade Race
Renegade By Laws specify 3 races for Saturday.

Sunday, December 27, 2020

9:00 AM First Nite Race

9:30 AM First Renegade Race

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