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Dash inspects a DN stay adjuster.

Iceboaters have a cliché: we spend 50% of our time building them, 35% talking about them, and 15% sailing them (your mileage may vary.) Ice sailors gathered at the Southern Wisconsin Iceboat Swap Meet and fulfilled the talking-about-them quota on Sunday, November 6, at the Delavan Lake Yacht Club in Delavan, WI. Veteran and new ice sailors gathered to exchange complete boats, sails, planks, hulls, and runners. It was a lovely sunny and windy day to be back where the iceboat swap meet all began, with the Skeeter Iceboat Club.

Next milestone – who will have first runners on the ice in North America?

The Oshkosh Models of 1931

In the annals of what-great-timing, iceboat sail maker (retired) and iceboating historian Henry Bossett recently sent this clipping about a model building contest in the 1930s Oshkosh, WI area. I forwarded the clipping to Lake Winnebago ice sailor Mike Peters. He replied, “I picked up another of the original model stern steers that were built in Oshkosh in the 1930s

Mike Peter’s latest model acquisition.


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One More Model: ACE OF SPADE

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UPDATE SEPTEMBER 7, 2020: Mike Butler corrects the record:“Just a couple of corrections. The boats name is really the Ace of Spade. Not sure why that was. It was not built for my dad. Connie Korsmo built it for my great uncle Ray Butler who worked with Connie at Madison Kipp. This would have been around 1935. Ray gave it to my dad after the war.

He built the new hull, that Mike has now, in the 50’s after he boom jibed the boat and damaged the hull.
The attached photos are of the original hull. I still have the blueprint of that boat. Jack Ripp took the photos.
Jack took a lot of photos over the years and I got together with Jack and dad shortly before he died. Spent an afternoon going over lots of Jack’s pictures. Hopefully someone still has them.”

Peter Fauerbach noted that Connie Korsma was the chief engineer at Madison Kipp Corporation. “The Kipp” as it’s often called here produces machined die castings and has been in operation since 1898.

Here’s another beautiful iceboat model from Mike Butler up in Oshkosh, WI of his dad Dave’s C Class Stern-Steerer ACE OF SPADES. When Jerry Simon asked the late Jack Ripp about the boat’s lineage, Jack told him Connie Korsmo, who worked at Madison Kipp, built 2 Hudson River style C Class Stern-Steerers, one for himself and the other for Dave’s uncle, Ray Butler,  Sometime later, Dave added a new cockpit backbone, likely for comfort. Dave Butler was a life long 4LIYC member who served as a officer and was inducted into the 4LIYC Honor roll in 2012.

And the ACE OF SPADES? Just look for the bright orange/red stern-steerer at any regatta. She’s currently owned by Mike Peters.



ACE OF SPADES, Mike Peter’s C Class Stern Steerer at the 2019 Northwest on Lake Pepin. Photo: Pat Heppert


Sculptural Stern Steerer

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Here’s another scaled down stern-steerer ice yacht- more on the artistic sculptural side.

I did this piece called “Rounding the Mark” in the ‘90’s. It was originally for outside the South Side Ice Yacht Club in Oshkosh, WI but it eventually came home to my farm. It is all painted steel although the rust is starting to have its way. The plank measures 32”, the backbone is 48” and the mast is 60”. The tiller works as do the runners.

Jim Zitzelsberger

Super Models

Bill Mattison’s HONEYBUCKET Class A Skeeter created by Kyle Metzloff

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As our summer starts winding down, it’s time to start thinking more about the upcoming season. To help get you in the mood, take a look at some more iceboat models including a special one from the modern era, Bill Mattison’s HONEYBUCKET Class A Skeeter which was created by 4LIYC DNer and noted modeler Kyle Metzloff. Stern-steerer/Nite class sailor Mike Peters shares his collection along with some photos of other models he received from a friend.