Photo: Shane Lewis – Silverfoxviz

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The Northwestern Ice Yachting Association Championship Regatta came to a successful conclusion on Sunday February 25th 2024.
As Regatta Chairman and Secretary/Treasurer and competitor, I have many people to thank and acknowledge for the success of the event.
My number one support was Pat Heppert who drove all over Minnesota sailing potential ice sheets, and then set marks at the crack of dawn every day and moved them throughout the event as the wind moved around. He started most races and called numbers as well.
Thanks to the DN Western Region who let us use their ATV and trailer for the whole event.
Thanks to everyone who helped set, pick, move and reset the starting blocks and safety zone markers. Colton Hibbard got to learn the trade at his very first regatta.
Thanks to Deb Whitehorse for her usual efficiency in getting the data down right through all the weather changes and course moves, also instantly posting notices of all changes we made. Thanks to Ann Foeller for setting up the tabulating file and Mary Jane for completing that file and tabulating Saturday. Thanks to Julie Jankowski for monitoring the windward mark throughout. Thanks to the rest of the race committee for splitting the workload and making timely decisions.
I want to especially acknowledge the participation of Paul Kreuger and John Davis, who are still racing hard in all conditions at the ages of 84 and 80 respectively. They are perfect examples of the competitors who built and maintained this sport that we all love.

Steve Schalk
NIYA Secretary/Treasurer