Elevated Iceboats

How do you store your iceboats in the off-season? Dan Morton’s are high and dry, ready for next season.

I’m following Steve Schalk’s lead & hanging my iceboats from the ceiling in our warehouse. 1 – B Skeeter, 1 – A Skeeter & 2 – Nites. And now the trailers can be parked outside.

I made it so the straps are there permanently – then I slip the straps under the 4×4 beams, with the boats on the beams in the summer & then can store the beams up there, when I take the boats down.

It took 2 fork lifts – I put 8’ – 4×4’s on 8’ long pallets, then loaded the boats, masts & planks onto the beams & lifted them up to the ceiling. Then I went up with a scissor lift & slipped the straps underneath the 4x4s and lowered the pallets.

Dan Morton


Paint Your Skeeter Trailer

Bob Kau visits the Past Champions Skeeter Shop.

What do you do when your runners are sharpened, your Skeeters are ready for ice, and the temperature is a balmy 70F in the middle of December? The guys next door to iceboat.org HQ, Ken Whitehorse and Paul Krueger of the Past Champions Iceboat Shop, made good use of the day and painted their trailer. However, today’s falling temperatures moved the project back inside for wheel-bearing packing, almost as important as sharp runners.

“Frosting For Frozen Fun”

Daniel Hearn brings home the second most important part of any iceboating program, the trailer and sees the C Skeeter hull emerge from the parts and pieces.

Frosting For Frozen Fun

When I eat birthday cake (never with ice cream, but I love ice cream…I know, weird) my fork surgically targets the cake part first, leaving mostly frosting for a super sweet, sugar-filled finish. Flower? Corner piece? Ah…yeah…both, please.

It was all frosting at the Spaight Street Syndicate last weekend. Picked up my new C-Skeeter hauler in lower Michigan Saturday morning. Great little trailer company willing to sell direct to consumers and build custom quite economically. On the way there, dropped off a DN mast for repair with Bob Rast. Going to a newbie I assisted getting into a good entry level program. Welcome to the fleet, Vince! Had dinner with my oldest daughter in Chicago and spent the night at her place. I did eat meat on Friday during Lent. Since the Lord can walk on water, he’s certainly an ice boater, so I’m counting on him cutting me some slack.

On Sunday, I got to start dry fitting pieces. It’s been pretty much all cake since I started—planning, ordering, cutting, gluing, carboning, bending, sweeping, swearing, apologizing (to my wife for the excess dust; I don’t think she hears me cussing like a longshoreman). But all of a sudden ,“poof,” it looks like a boat! Frosting for frozen fun is good for my psyche.

Damn, I’m one board short! There I go again with my potty mouth. I’ll have to pay a visit to Andy at McCormick Lumber this week. He’s an Irishman…he won’t mind my language.

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