How do you store your iceboats in the off-season? Dan Morton’s are high and dry, ready for next season.

I’m following Steve Schalk’s lead & hanging my iceboats from the ceiling in our warehouse. 1 – B Skeeter, 1 – A Skeeter & 2 – Nites. And now the trailers can be parked outside.

I made it so the straps are there permanently – then I slip the straps under the 4×4 beams, with the boats on the beams in the summer & then can store the beams up there, when I take the boats down.

It took 2 fork lifts – I put 8’ – 4×4’s on 8’ long pallets, then loaded the boats, masts & planks onto the beams & lifted them up to the ceiling. Then I went up with a scissor lift & slipped the straps underneath the 4x4s and lowered the pallets.

Dan Morton