Minneapolis Play Week

Jim Gluek (Skeeter, DN, and Nite class) came across some family history in the form of this  vintage trophy won by his grandfather back in 1927 on Lake Minnetonka. Jim’s grandfather raced a Johnson Boatworks-built B Class Stern Steerer. Jim also mentioned that when conditions are right on Minnetonka, Harry Allen rigs up his vintage B Class Johnson stern-steerer and takes it through the paces. (What iceboater wouldn’t want a shirt with that beautifully designed graphic?)

The Johnson Boatworks was founded by John O. Johnson in 1896 on White Bear Lake in Minnesota. In addition to building iceboats, Johnson was instrumental in scow and other soft water designs. (Johnson Boatworks is now known as White Bear Boatworks. )

More History: “Old ice boats: not for faint of heart”


Johnson Stern-Steerers have been featured over the years here on iceboat.org. This picture dates from 2013 when Fond du Lac iceboaters Dave and Jeff Lallier gave their then 84 year-old mother a ride in a Johnson B. Note the “banana” spar.

Minnetonka is Simonized

At first glance, I had to look closely at this photo, wondering if I’d missed the news that Madison lakes had frozen over while I was at the Western Challenge!
Pat Heppert posted this on his Facebook page on Saturday, December 14th, 2019.

Had a great day on Minnetonka today. A true pleasure to sail along side Mike Maloney and his Jerry Simon built Renegade “Simonized IV”. Unbelievable craftsmanship on that Renegade, and truly legendary. My boat went fine, even with shorty runners. Anyways, sailed Gideon’s Bay, Excelsior Bay, Echo Bay, and along Big Island East to about Harry’s. Ice was rough and snow drifted, but we did fine all day. Many Nites out and 1 DN. I didn’t sail main lake because unknown and unscouted and snow covered so harder to see thickness. But others did and reported main lake had less snow, no drifts, and much smoother. All the usual pressure ridges were in their usual locations on main lake.

Hoofers Presents: Coyote: The Mike Plant Story

Bill And Harry Allen Lake Minnetonka Dn Sailing

(Not Mike Plant but needed a Minnetonka photo with famous iceboaters.) Lake Minnetonka iceboat sailors & Olympians Bill & Harry Allen in 2014.

Hoofers Sailing Club is bringing the feature documentary, Coyote: The Mike Plant Story to the Wisconsin Union Theater on August 18th. Mike Plant was born in Minneapolis and began his sailing career on Lake Minnetonka.

An audience favorite at countless film festivals, Hoofer Sailing Club is proud to bring Plant’s story to Madison and celebrate an iconic Midwestern sailor. All proceeds of this event benefit the Hoofer Marina Project.

Date Saturday, August 18th, Doors Open: 6:30 PM, Screening: 7:00 PM
Location Wisconsin Union Theater,. Shannon Hall, Memorial Union
Buy tickets here.