At first glance, I had to look closely at this photo, wondering if I’d missed the news that Madison lakes had frozen over while I was at the Western Challenge!
Pat Heppert posted this on his Facebook page on Saturday, December 14th, 2019.

Had a great day on Minnetonka today. A true pleasure to sail along side Mike Maloney and his Jerry Simon built Renegade “Simonized IV”. Unbelievable craftsmanship on that Renegade, and truly legendary. My boat went fine, even with shorty runners. Anyways, sailed Gideon’s Bay, Excelsior Bay, Echo Bay, and along Big Island East to about Harry’s. Ice was rough and snow drifted, but we did fine all day. Many Nites out and 1 DN. I didn’t sail main lake because unknown and unscouted and snow covered so harder to see thickness. But others did and reported main lake had less snow, no drifts, and much smoother. All the usual pressure ridges were in their usual locations on main lake.

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