4LIYC Picnic Report

4LIYC Picnic Report

Family photo.  Photo by Bob Borkowski.

Thank you to everyone who attended this special 4LIYC picnic on a postcard-perfect fall day and to our fantastic host, Tom Kretschman. We had a clear view of the runway, where we watched planes landing and taking off. Historic airplanes, equipment, and vehicles provided the backdrop for one of the most memorable picnics in club history. Commodore Don Anderson officially inducted Greg Whitehorse into the 4LIYC Honor Roll. Several people shared stories about the tremendous impact Greg has had on our club. We were honored to have Bill and Mauretta Mattison and Dave and Nancy Nelson in attendance.   Our host, Tom, gave a tour of the various outbuildings that housed a collection of historic vehicles. Several club members took to the air for a ride in a WW2 French training airplane. What way to kick off the upcoming iceboating season! Next up, the Swap Meet on Sunday, October 31, 2021.

The 4LIYC picnic was a fly-in event that Renegader Jeff Russell took to heart.


2021 Renegade Championship – Nite Commodore’s Cup Day 2

2021 Renegade Championship – Nite Commodore’s Cup Day 2

4LIYC members Tim McCormick, left, and Ron Rosten, right, line up in the one and two blocks for the fourth Renegade race.

Sunday’s conditions were a paradox of wind with intermittent fog. The Nites were the first to sail, and Green Lake Ice Yacht Club’s Byron Hill won his first race of the day.

The wind picked up, which made for an exciting and competitive Renegade race won by Tim McCormick. The Nites were able to sail one more, again won by Byron Hill.

The Renegades lined up for race four which was a four-lapper. After two laps, a competitor pulled in and informed the Race Committee that the weather mark had fallen because he had hit it. Chief Judge and Nite Commodore John Hayashi, assisted by Pat Heppert, immediately decided that sailors fishing around for the weather mark in the ever-lower visibility was a lousy situation and black-flagged the race.

Congratulations to Jim Gluek for his second Renegade Championship and Byron Hill for his victory in the Nite Class. Thanks to John Hayashi, the Green Lake Ice Yacht Club, and Pat Heppert for all his help.

The celebratory braunschweiger and onion sandwiches provided by Green Lake Ice Yacht Club’s Debbie Biermann at the trophy presentation were much appreciated. Her husband, Dan’s, birthday is coming up, and he asked her to make them rather than a birthday cake. We all hope it’s a new tradition.

Class A Skeeter sailors Ken White Horse and Paul Krueger haven’t had the conditions to sail this season. Mike Ripp made sure Ken kept his racing skills tuned up and lent him his Renegade to race in the regatta. Paul Krueger joined Ken as a coach, pit crew, and ATV driver.

Thanks, Peter Sarelis, for traveling to the regatta from Michigan and representing the Gull Lake Ice Yacht Club.

Check Out the Ice Checkers

Check Out the Ice Checkers

You know you want one.

These are a game-changer for iceboat regatta management. Need to quickly pick up the starting blocks, drag a starting line, head up to weather to change a mark, check out a seam? Jump on one of these and GO! However, they need a cool name.

Via the Corporate Office of RASSS:

Check Out the Ice Checkers

The much hyped collaboration between the Spaight Street Syndicate and Russell Aviation has finally resulted in some product output. After completion of just three powered kick sleds, a company spokesperson announced that the entity was selling out to a private equity firm intending to take the company public. When asked what drove the decision, Russell’s attorney suggested that his client brought all of the intellectual property to the relationship, while the other brought, well, nothing. When asked to comment about the statement Hearn said, “Oh, that Jeff, he’s such a kidder.
One time I even brought snacks to our work session. And picking out pretty paint colors is a remarkably difficult job.”

Spaight St. Syndicate Memorial Weekend Report

Spaight St. Syndicate Memorial Weekend Report

Tug, Spaight St. Syndicate’s motorized assistant 

New Additions to the Spaight Street Syndicate

Hi all. Been a while. Life moves on during our global pandemic. On May 5, I officially became a real old dude. A grandpa. Haven’t started building Dash (Dashel) Daniel Percevecz’s first iceboat yet, but it’s on my list. Much joy, but also heartbreak, as I lost my mom the same day.

Daniel with first grandchild and newest Ice Optimist sailor.

Since my last update, I’ve pimped out my trailer. It’s set up to haul a C-Skeeter, a Renegade and three DNs; with sails, planks and runners for all. Along with a powered kick sled or two. I’ll give you a tour in a future update. Good ride for a Northwest!

Also meet “Tug,” the newest addition to the Spaight Street Syndicate garage. She’s a real tomboy—an electric powered trailer mover built from readily available parts, complete with lights and cup holders. Many thanks to Ken Whitehorse for the welding. I may have understated the task when I mentioned I had a few pieces of metal to weld up. But Ken was a great sport, and we had fun working on the project. I often need to move trailers around by myself, and Tug makes it really easy not only to move, but to position in tight spaces.

The other active project is repainting my Renegade components. Haven’t paid enough attention to the old girl in a while, so she’s getting a new dress. Plank and springboard done, mast going into spray booth tomorrow. Thanks to Jeff Russell for the booth. Left over from his airplane painting years ago, so all I had to do was reassemble and buy new plastic. Came complete with intake filters and an exit fan. Fumes disperse quickly.

So much for now. Grateful to the veterans out there for all they have sacrificed for our freedom. And to those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice, Rest In Peace. You will always be remembered.

Crash Test Dummy

Crash Test Dummy

The Spaight Street Syndicate and Russell Aviation collaboration begin the testing phase of their new powered kick-sleds.

Previously: “Get On Your Bad Motor Kicksled and Ride

Much to the displeasure of the Director of Product Development, Jeff Russell, the marketing team showed up in the lab to take glamour photos, even before any product testing was conducted. Seizing the opportunity, Russell lured the unsuspecting Director of Marketing, Daniel Hearn, into a test dummy role. “Looks great, doesn’t she,“ crowed Russell. “Sure does,” Hearn replied, “can’t wait to give her a go.” “It’s your lucky day,” exclaimed Russell, with a twinkle in his eyes!


There being no other gas handy, the sled was filled with high octane aviation fuel. “She might go just a little faster than usual, but I’m sure a stud like you can handle it,” he assured Hearn. Moments later, Hearn was flying down the test track unable to control the speed with no throttle yet installed. Russell claimed it was on back order. And the 20-tooth front sprocket may have generated a bit too much speed. “You should audition for next Jackass movie,” Russell suggested.


Today, with a 10-tooth front sprocket installed and standard fuel in the tank, the sled designer was ready for a spin.

You’ll want one.

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