You know you want one.

These are a game-changer for iceboat regatta management. Need to quickly pick up the starting blocks, drag a starting line, head up to weather to change a mark, check out a seam? Jump on one of these and GO! However, they need a cool name.

Via the Corporate Office of RASSS:

Check Out the Ice Checkers

The much hyped collaboration between the Spaight Street Syndicate and Russell Aviation has finally resulted in some product output. After completion of just three powered kick sleds, a company spokesperson announced that the entity was selling out to a private equity firm intending to take the company public. When asked what drove the decision, Russell’s attorney suggested that his client brought all of the intellectual property to the relationship, while the other brought, well, nothing. When asked to comment about the statement Hearn said, “Oh, that Jeff, he’s such a kidder.
One time I even brought snacks to our work session. And picking out pretty paint colors is a remarkably difficult job.”