Kayla Wolf ISA & Renegade Championship Photo Gallery

Start of a Renegade race at the 2023 Renegade Championship on Lake Kegonsa. Photo: Kayla Wolf

Freelance Photographer Kayla Wolf was there for the action Sunday on Lake Kegonsa at the ISA & Renegade Championship. Renegade and Nite sailors will want to make sure to look through her gallery for some fantastic shots. Link here

2023 ISA & Renegade Championship Awards

Renegades line up to race at the 2023 Renegade Championship on Lake Kegonsa, January 14, 2023. Photo: Will Johnston

A stronger breeze made it a wind hat trick on day three of the ISA and Renegade championships on Lake Kegonsa. The A & B Skeeters elected to watch the Nites and Renegades take to the course for spirited racing. All agreed they couldn’t remember when Mother Nature blessed the ISA with three sailable days. Renegaders discussed how this ISA was a record for them in the number of races (8.)

Many thanks to the Race Committee, including
Joe Norton, Jerry Simon, Scott Goetz, Paul McMillan, Afan Ottenhemier, and 4LIYC Commodore Daniel Hearn, who helped to organize the equipment. Also, many thanks to Ann Foeller, who tabulated remotely from Lake Erie’s shores and is a Toledo Ice Yacht Club member. And thank you to the many competitors who didn’t hesitate to pick up starting blocks, call numbers, and anything else to make the regatta run smoothly.

Will Johnston ISA & Renegade Championship Photo Gallery

Class A Skeeters in perfect harmony. Photo: Will Johnston


Photographer Will Johnston joined us for a second year in a row for the 2023 ISA and Renegade Championship. He even hitched a ride in an airplane (friend of Jeff Russell’s) for some aerial shots. Will has generously shared a link to all of the photos. See all of them here. If you use Will’s photos for anything other than personal posts, please get in touch with me so I can give you his contact information.

C Skeeter on Lake Kegonsa. Photo: Will Johnston

ISA & Renegade Championship: Day 3 AM Report

A Skeeters frame a Nite Class iceboat. Photo: Kenton Fowler

The wind made another welcomed appearance on the second day of the ISA & Renegade Championship. The A, B, C Skeeters, and the Renegades sailed three races in moderate breeze. The Nites were only able to complete two races today. The weather mark came down in the first Nite race of the day because someone hit it (and did the right thing by telling the Race Committee, thank you!) The race was black-flagged, the mark repaired, and then the A Skeeters began the rotation.

Nite points leader Tom Sweitzer broke his mast in the first Nite race. Luckily, the race was black-flagged, and he carries a spare mast. Tom was on the starting line for the final Nite race of the day and came in second to David Navin

The Nite fleet starts first in the rotation today at 9:30 AM (to make up their 6th race from Saturday), and then the regular order will resume.

ISA & Renegade Championship Report: Day 1

amberarnoldphoto The International Skeeter Association and Renegade Championships hosted by the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club on Lake Kegonsa in Stoughton, Wis., Friday, Jan. 13, 2023. AMBER ARNOLD, STATE JOURNAL


First, let’s get the business out of the way. ATTENTION ATTENTION ATTENTION

The 2023 ISA Annual meeting will be in the mooring area tomorrow morning, Saturday January 14th, prior to the first race. Fleet representatives take note.

Steve Schalk
ISA Secretary/Treasurer

A perfect regatta day. Wind, hard ice; what more can we ask for?  Three races in each fleet, A Skeeter, B Skeeter, C Skeeter, Renegade, and Nite.
The wind was out of the north and “juicy” early in the morning but true to the forecast, calmed down a bit. Southerly breeze for Saturday means the starting area should be visible from Springer’s Bar & Restaurant big picture windows. The A Skeeter fleet will start the rotation on Saturday when the flag drops at 9:30 AM.  Follow the regatta on our 4LIYC Facebook page for live video feeds.