Jay Yaeso makin’ wake.

In addition to this message from International Skeeter Association Secretary/Treasurer Steve Schalk, an updated version of the 2020 ISA Rules has been uploaded along with an ISA Notice of Dues.

Important News for ISA Class A Skeeter Owners from the Secretary/Treasurer

Rear Seat skeeter owners – Trophies will be awarded to the top rear seat A skeeters sailing in Class A in the Annual Regatta.
At the annual membership meeting of the ISA in 2018 at Battle Lake Minnesota, a change to the trophy schedule was made to award keeper trophies to rear cockpit A skeeters as a sub-class of Class A. All Class A boats will still sail as one class with no changes to any class specifications. While the minutes of the meeting were mailed out to the membership, the change was not publicized until now. Time to dust off the rumble seaters for the next regatta.

Below is the changed section of the ISA Rules, which is also posted on the ISA Page:
Section 3. Trophies
3.1 If only one boat competes in any class, the perpetual trophy will be awarded but not engraved.
The number of trophies shall be as follows:
1 – 14 Boats:   4 Trophies
15+ Boats:       1/3 of the fleet
Within Class A, Trophies per the above schedule will be awarded to boats with behind the runner plank cockpits as a sub-class.

Steve Schalk
ISA Secretary/Treasurer