ACE OF SPADES & LITTLE WIND line up to race.


Via Northwest Secretary/Treasurer Steve Schalk:

Due to the travel concerns with coronavirus, the fact that locations we are traveling from and to are involved with active cases, that our group has many people who are at the highest risk, and therefore to avoid losing a good portion of our active sailors, we are going to cancel the Northwest for season.


The 2020 Northwestern Ice Yachting Championship Regatta is on for Lake Waconia Minnesota starting Friday March 13th, 2020.

Class A, B, C, and D Stern steerers, Class A, B, and C skeeters, Renegades and DNs will be racing.

The ISA is postponed for a week.

Boecraft boats that for sure will be there are I 564 and I 234. There will be two C skeeters as well so we will sail with them in a separate start from the A skeeters. Lake Waconia is just west of Lake Minnetonka. The trip is 5 hours and 28 minutes according to Google.

Steve Schalk