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Photo: Jim Koepnick

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The Stern-Steerer sailors are getting ready for the season. Here’s latest newsletter from the Wisconsin Stern Steerers Association.
In honor of the Stern-Steerers and to kick off a Monday, take 22 seconds to watch this favorite video from 14 years ago, featuring the Stern Steerer Kid.

Iceboat Tech That Never Caught On: Front-Seater Junior Iceboat


Illustration From Mechanix Illustrated, undated, c.1940s

These Mechanix Illustrated plans for a front-seater junior ice yacht never caught on but you can still “make your youngster the envy of every kid on the pond” with a modern Ice Optimist iceboat. The illustration reminds me of the 2008 video of the Stern-Steerer Kid, embedded below the plans.