Evolution of a Mast Project

The sanding crew, from left Paul McMillan, Jerry Simon, Steve Holtzman, Stefan Schmidt, Lars Barber, Don Anderson, Mike Ripp.

Just as changing a light fixture in a house frequently evolves into a room renovation, replacing a broken sheave on the mast of MARY B became a more extensive project.

In August, the Iceboat Foundation showcased two boats – the MARY B and the Class A Skeeter INSANITY – at Marshall Park during the E Scow Nationals. While both boats impressed the onlookers, the crew encountered an issue with a faulty sheave when they tried to take down the sail.

Mike Ripp, paint specialist

As they were replacing the sheave, the crew decided to take the opportunity to give the mast a fresh coat of paint. Mike Ripp, volunteered to do the entire paint job and will apply two coats of the traditional white paint, one side at a time over the course of the week.

My First Iceboat

Paul McMillan and ? enjoy a day on his first iceboat, a diminutive stern-steerer on Lake Mendota in Madison, WI c.1960.

4LIYC member Paul McMillan suggested a new series for this website called “My First Iceboat.” What was your first iceboat? Send us a photo and short explanation debwhitehorse@iceboat.org.

This was my first boat from sometime around 1960. I got it from the third generation of Trachte Brothers of the famous metal buildings. My dad made new sails by hand sewing. Note the low boom, similar to modern boats. It was a blast at the time.
Paul McMillan

Jack Ripp’s first iceboat, MUSTANG.


Hot Day with MARY B

Mary B Stern Steerer Iceboat 3
Iceboating weather can be extreme, but usually on the cold side. The MARY B group met on Friday, June 30 (on a day that the National Weather Service issued an excessive heat warning) to set up the historic stern-steerer. Their goals were to practice efficiently setting up the boat, to put up the newly cleaned sails, and to assess the boat. Despite the heat, a big group pitched in to make easy work of it. The new sails and the bright chrome made for an impressive sight.