Evolution of a Mast Project

The sanding crew, from left Paul McMillan, Jerry Simon, Steve Holtzman, Stefan Schmidt, Lars Barber, Don Anderson, Mike Ripp.

Just as changing a light fixture in a house frequently evolves into a room renovation, replacing a broken sheave on the mast of MARY B became a more extensive project.

In August, the Iceboat Foundation showcased two boats – the MARY B and the Class A Skeeter INSANITY – at Marshall Park during the E Scow Nationals. While both boats impressed the onlookers, the crew encountered an issue with a faulty sheave when they tried to take down the sail.

Mike Ripp, paint specialist

As they were replacing the sheave, the crew decided to take the opportunity to give the mast a fresh coat of paint. Mike Ripp, volunteered to do the entire paint job and will apply two coats of the traditional white paint, one side at a time over the course of the week.

Keeping Sharp

Mike Ripp, Ron Rosten, Lars Barber, and Doug Kolner get ready to sharpen. 

Saturday was a busy day in the world of iceboating. 4LIYC Renegader Ron Rosten shared runner-sharpening wisdom with Mike Ripp, Lars Barber, and Doug Kolner, who have recently invested in Bob Rast’s state-of-the-art sharpeners.

Adding to the excitement, a new Ice Optimist arrived in Madison. Ice sailors on Facebook shared stories about the Nite fleet welcoming a new member and the gang at the Milwaukee Community Sailing Center, preparing to get their DNs on the ice.

In less than three weeks, DNs will head to Minnesota to kick off the season at the annual informal gathering, the Western Challenge.

Iceboat Design Lab

“Henry is starting his own class and Jack is working on a new futuristic design.” Mike Ripp

4LIYC Renegader Mike Ripp is keeping his boys, Henry and Jack, busy in the shop designing iceboats this summer. It’s never too early to start thinking ice!

4LIYC Sailing March 4: The Last Hurrah?


Via Greg Whitehorse, “I think Iceboating lends itself well to Photoshopping some photos. Played around with this one from today’s setup, on Lake Monona, on my phone. Ken Whitehorse M-197, Paul Krueger M-165.”

Skeeter sailors Ken Whitehorse and Paul Krueger rallied the 4LIYC troops to Lake Monona on Thursday for some spring sailing. Renegaders Mike Ripp and Greg Whitehorse joined them, and more boats are setting up this morning for what could be the last day of sailing on Lake Monona. 61F on Saturday with a half-inch of rain could take out the landings. So get out there today to enjoy the best lake we’ve had this season.

Jack Ripp Interview

Jack Ripp Archives

In 1999, Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club member Greg Whitehorse sat down with ice sailing champion Jack Ripp (1928-2019) and discussed Jack’s involvement in ice sailing. The interview originally ran in the club newsletter, Blade Runner. We are fortunate that Greg saved the cassette tape. Jack’s son, Mike, converted it to an electronic format and I added photos and some classic 1960s 8mm film from Bob Clemens.