Plucky Kids Beat Snobby Kids in 1922 Iceboat Race

SIRIUS at the 1913 Northwest Regatta at Menominee, Michigan. (See all the photos from that regatta here.)

One hundred years ago, a newspaper insert geared towards children, Golden Days For Boys and Girls, published this gem of a story in nationwide newspapers. The fictional action takes place around what appears to be the Lake Winnebago area. One of the boats in the story is named SIRIUS, and perhaps the boat with that same name from Lake Winnebago was the inspiration. Take a few minutes to read the story. (Click on the image to enlarge.) The author was not credited but the story would make a terrific movie.

4LIYC Next Gen

Fritz Simon explaining runner technology.

Many thanks to Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club DN sailor Tim Sugar for sharing this good-news story.

In the Season of Giving, the Sugar families were greeted with not one, but two exceptional surprises.
DNer Mark Isabell  was selling his DN trailer to Tim and Hugh and “threw in” two, hand-crafted, Ice Optimist hull’s built by Mark.  The only ask was to outfit the hulls and get them on the ice.  You’ll see one of these beautiful hulls in the picture of the Sugar kids practicing their Opti skills in the front yard!  Thanks so much Mark!
The second surprise came two weeks later, when Renegade sailor Greg Simon, emailed Tim offering two complete ice Optimist programs to the Sugar clan!  These hulls were built by Jerry Simon for his grandkids Meta & Fritz.  Greg Simon completed the programs by hand sewing Optti sails!  Meta & Fritz have outgrown the Optis and the Sugar kids are the proud new stewards of these beautiful boats!
At delivery, the Simon’s rolled out the red carpet.  Cheese, sausage, beers, and personalized rigging instructions from the Simon kids were the order of the day.  It was an amazing evening of fun!  Thank you Simon family, we’re beyond grateful for your generosity.
If there are any families that are interested in trying the Optis, please give Hugh or Tim a call.  We are happy to continue the Season of Giving with any interested kiddos.

The Sugar kids have been waiting for this since first being on the ice in 2013 with dad Tim at the Western Challenge.