A New World Record: Biggest Iceboat in the World

A New World Record: Biggest Iceboat in the World

Iceboating has attracted dreamers and creators since some guy in Holland first thought about attaching iron skates to a canal boat back in the 1600s. This past summer, David Janzen of Ontario, Canada, achieved his dream of building the biggest iceboat in the world. An iceboat that big needs big ice, and Janzen is hauling it to Thunder Bay, Ontario, this winter to learn how she sails.
Tip of the Helmet: Mike Madge
By the numbers:
Mast 53′
Hull 70′
Plank 37′
Sail is under construction.
By comparison, the stern-steerer DEUCE, mast 51′, hull 54′- 6″ and plank, 36′.

Minnesota’s Pat Heppert, who designed the C Skeeter cab-forward DRIFTER, has been in touch with Jansen during the project.

I admire David Janzen’s infectious enthusiasm and the extreme commitment to following an extreme dream and making it a reality. Truly impressive effort, and done on an average man’s budget. Follow your own path, and be your own hero. Can’t wait to see the smile on his face after that first sail that makes it all worthwhile.

Canadian Ice Force

Canadian Ice Force

Canadian Ice Force Newsletters

Ice sailors around here still talk about the Canadian Ice Force, a group of legendary dedicated iceboaters from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. The Force is still around and getting ready for the season..  Mike Druiven has uploaded several copies of historic Canadian Ice Force newsletter to Google Drive.

“The newsletters featured articles on sailing, stories, regatta results, land sailing, photos and articles detailing iceboat design, engineering and construction. Thanks to Bob Intini for making these available to share. Some great summer reading to get us off our feet and start preparing for the coming ice! ” Mike Druiven

4LIYC’s Steve Arnold’s Skeeter made for a perfect bench on which to socialize during a regatta postponement at the ISA in Hamilton Bay, Ontario, CA. From left, Lorne Sherry, Charlie Miller, Elmer Millenbach, Bill Mattison. Note the freighter in the background.


The 2020-2021 ice sailing season has officially begun. Lowell Ross up in Alberta, Canada posted this video on his Facebook page today.

Well, up here in Northern Alberta we really have an early start to the season after a long drought of years of bad ice or heavy snows. Feels great to see that shoreline come up in 3 minutes that normally takes 30 minutes to reach. Ice sailors are awesome–we even walk on water

Fat Lady Continues Social Isolation

Fat Lady Continues Social Isolation

The Fat Lady who sings of ice-break up has not been heard in parts of Montana and the Maritimes in Canada.

Via Doug Gaudet from the Maritime Ice Boating Facebook Group:
I’m not sailing but the Nites, with Peter McLaine, Angus Orford and Scott Stewart are still ripping Stanhope Bay apart. Here’s a couple of pic’s of the Nites and the three boys at rest . Pictures are by Alex Bruce.


In Montana, John Eisenlohr and friends have been sailing Lake Mary Ronan and applying rigorous standards to maintain social distancing.


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