Big Sky Journal: Montana Ice Sailing

Big Sky Journal: Montana Ice Sailing

The winter tradition of sail-powered ice boating finds the right combination of ice, wind, and speed-seeking participants in Montana

in Winter 2022 | Feature Stories | Written by Andrew McKean | Photography by Sean R. Heavey
Just as surfers will spend the balance of their year waiting for just the right wave, and skiers will rearrange their lives in pursuit of fluffy mountain powder, so do ice boaters watch for fresh ice and stiff winds. They’re monitoring long- and short-term weather forecasts for their version of powder days, says Flathead Lake ice-boat builder John Eisenlohr, one of the dozens of Montana winter sailors who travel the West in search of perfect ice. “For us, that’s the first black ice thick enough to play on, plus a certain amount of wind,” Eisenlohr says. “Not too much wind, and no packed snow on the ice. And, if I’m really lucky, the ice will have just a little stippling on it to hold the runners.” Continue reading.

4LIYC Meeting Reminder for November 23, 2022 – ZOOM ONLY

4LIYC Meeting Reminder for November 23, 2022 – ZOOM ONLY

Thankful for Ice Sailing

Thanksgiving Edition ZOOM ONLY Meeting.
Join us from the comfort of your own home while you make pumpkin pies for your Thanksgiving feast. Deb has sent the email with log on information. Please contact her if you haven’t received it.

Date: Wednesday, November 23, 2022
Time: 6:30 PM CT

Didn’t get an email with the Zoom link? Contact Deb

If you haven’t already done so, please pay your dues, only $20! Information here.

November 21, 2022: Renegade & DN Gear in RI/WI

Renegade and DN gear-
Harken Blocks “classic”
3″ Ratchet- $50
3″ $40/each (3)
Inland Renegade sail- $600
C2 Sherry QIL -$1500
North Max power excellent condition $1100
1D Power Gold- w/ cambers. brand new black digital 8 #’s included -$1350
1D power- good condition $800
New MBC hybrid (very similar to CSI 4.1) $2800/$2900 w/spreader bar
Plank w/ Sarns chocks-$350
Wood/composite strip mast $250
All items can be loaded to head west to Madison/GWC next week. Currently in RI.
Contact Chad

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