UPDATE: If you missed the video or want to see it again, the fine folks at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum have uploaded it to YouTube. LINK

Please join Henry Bossett and me for a virtual presentation hosted by the Cape Cod Maritime Museum on Sunday, April 30, at 1:30 PM CT / 2:30 PM ET.

We’ll discuss various topics, including some Cape Cod area’s ice sailing history, such as this video about the Coast Guard Women’s Reserve (Spars) and iceboating. (Video ink.)

Via the Cape Cod Maritime Museum:
While sailors in New England spent the winter dreaming of getting back on the water, sailors in the competitive world of ice yachting have been busy! Join us for this talk by Deb Whitehorse, who grew up above her father’s iceboat shop in Monona, Wisconsin, as well as Henry Bosset, who’s first sailing experience was in M16 Scows. He moved on to the E-Scow Fleet and eventually started crewing on offshore boats from 24’ on up.

Deb is the longtime Secretary of the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club in Madison, WI, and a member of their Honor Roll. She is also the Secretary and Treasurer of the International DN Ice Yacht Racing Association, the world’s largest ice sailing class.

Henry is a three time DN Ice Boat World Champion, as well as claiming North American and Eastern Championship honors in the DN, MScow, and Tornado classes.

Spars On Ice