Don, right, inspecting a model of a traditional Dutch ice yacht. Photo: Alexander De Voss

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4LIYC Nite sailor Don Sanford recently visited the country where our sport began, the Netherlands, and met up with members of De Robben, the sailing club that keeps up the Dutch ice-yachting tradition.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the (iceboat) world, I was invited to visit with some hard water sailors in the Netherlands. No ice here, but I did get to see their collection of vintage iceboats. They also have a few DNs and a vintage Skeeter. As usual with iceboaters, there was lots of smart-talking and just a bit of actual work going on. I left some Nite caps, stickers, and a copy of the Mary B DVD. Their burgee will find a new home at the Nordhaus boat shop soon. – Don Sanford