Ken Whitehorse in WARRIOR and Paul Krueger in RAMBLN sailing Class A Skeeters on Lake Kegonsa. Photo: Ethan Brodsky.

Another photo from aerial photographer Ethan Brodsky who joined us on Lake Kegonsa on Sunday, March 5, 2023.

Via Ken Whitehorse:

Here is the back story to Ethan’s skeeter pic. Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club Commodore Daniel Hearn push-started the red and white Skeeter fleet for their fourth race. The two racers took a half-parade lap, positioning themselves for the flying start. Both skeeters were at a full thunderous song when the green flag dropped. Paul Krueger M165 chose the outside lane. His gamble paid off, and he got a run on Ken Whitehorse M197. The wild and wooly Krueger drove it deep into the first corner. He then pitched the powerful ice yacht hard left. The razor-sharp right rear runner burned deep to find the hard ice. M165 hooked up, using the 2″ of surface slush as a banked cushion, launching him off the corner. Now in clean air, M165 increased his lead at each of the laps to the double checkered flag victory! Truly a race to remember!