Launch at Amundson. DO NOT DRIVE ON THE ICE. Trailers can be pushed on. Please be courteous and drop your trailer and move your vehicle so that others can use the ramp. First race at 10 AM.

Four Lakes Club sailing is on for this weekend for Lake Kegonsa. Ice checkers inspected Monona, Mendota and Kegonsa. Kegonsa had the fewest patches of shallow, slushy snow, particularly toward the north side of the lake. Plenty of thickness. Surface rated a “6.” Spotty ruts left from refrozen ice fishermen tracks. Little fishing activity of the lake Friday. Amundsen launch currently fairly solid. Some water collecting at the front and left side. Best launch spot on the left side (west) of ramp. Aluminum ramps will be set up to preserve the launch for the possibility of the Northwest Regatta next Fri. – Sat.

Wind forecast light until around noon. May be perfect opportunity to set up in the morning and enjoy a pre-racing lunch at Springers. Good breeze on Sunday.

The fat lady may be warming up her vocal chords, so don’t miss it this weekend!

Lake Kegonsa, March 3, 2023.