Perfect day to sail an iceboat for the first time.

Same as Saturday, the breeze wasn’t there for racing, but perfect for pleasure cruising and introducing a 9-year-old to iceboating. “I can do this!” he yelled to his dad as he sailed past him. After taking many laps, he asked, “can I keep going?”

The Past Champions Iceboat Shop trailer has been loaded and in the ready-position. Ken Whitehorse and Paul Krueger brought their Class A Skeeters to join the fun, but rolling on a two-boat Skeeter trailer can be challenging.

Ken explains, “I was backing down the ramp as per the club website instructions. Suddenly, and with great vigor, PK yells, ‘STOP!’ I asked, ‘what’s going on?’ PK says, ‘my New Year’s Resolution is not to bust up more boat launch ice ramps!’ Yes, we headed straight back to the boat barn. Yes, PK is the front-runner for sportsman of the year 2023!”

Many thanks to all who pitched in including Paul McMillan, Jerry Simon, Don Anderson, and Pat Heppert. Thanks to those from out of town who joined us for the weekend.