ICICLE, the first iceboat of John Roosevelt, uncle to President FDR. Read more about ICICLE here.

UPDATE: If you missed the presentation or want to watch again, here is the link and passcode kindly provided by the Mystic Seaport Museum:


Passcode: U5S9h=C*

Please join Henry Bossett and me today on Zoom as we discuss the history and current state of North American ice sailing. Here are links to explore further some of the topics we will delve into today. I’ll add more after the presentation if necessary. You’ll find links to iceboat clubs and class organizations in the right sidebar (on a laptop) or towards the bottom of the page (on a phone.)

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Let’s cool off

Ice boating experts, Deb Whitehorse and Henry Bossett, will discuss the sport of ice sailing on August 4, at 2:00 PM ET in a free virtual presentation.
Click here to register: http://ow.ly/EHL550K1uEg

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