Benoit Marie F1 at the 2019 DN European Championship in Poland. Photo: Gwidon Libera

Daniel Hearn’s update on the Montana Hard Water Summit Ice Sailing event, scheduled for March 2022.

Stars Coming Out To Play
2022 Hardwater Summit Information

Like KID ROCK, “he’s a Michigan boy, can feel that? Matt Struble now calls San Diego home, but he’ll always be a Midwesterner at heart. And he’s a sailing phenom. A multi-time DN World and US Champion on hard water. Countless catamaran titles in multiple classes on soft water. And more recently, since it’s hard to find hard water in San Diego, he’s tearing up the Moth circuit. Matt hasn’t actively campaigned a DN in years, yet he’s still an expert guest on, sharing all his go-fast DN secrets with our Canadian buddy, Mike Madge. (Mike’s up der in Thunder Bay, eh, and he’s a really good guy. Check out the interviews if you haven’t seen them already). Take notice…Matt is planning on the Hardwater Summit next March. In spite of his layoff, odds are the rest of the DN fleet will be fighting for places 2 and below. If you’re going to get waxed, it’s not bad getting the beat down from Matt. He’s as soft-spoken and humble as he is good. Reminds me of another Michigan athlete, Barry Sanders, who simply handed the football to the ump after every touchdown. When you’re that good, I guess you can act like you’ve been there before.


But what if you’ve never been there before? No worries, the Hard Water Summit is still for you. Take French sailing superstar, Benoit Marie. He’s the reigning French Moth and A-Class Foiling Catamaran Champion. In 2018, having never sailed an iceboat, he showed up at the DN Worlds, outfitted with equipment and tips from Vaiko Voreema of Estonia. With no ranking, Benoit sailed as a rookie in both the Silver and Gold Fleet qualifiers, advancing both times up to the Gold Fleet. And he ultimately finished the World Championships in an impressive 35th position. Oui, oui…it appears the guy has talent. Always seeking the next adrenaline rush, now Benoit wants to try a C-Skeeter. Thanks to international ice sailing coordinator, Deb Whitehorse, he’s going to get his chance at the Summit.


Gareth finds the English Pub in Irkutsk, Siberia.

But what if your style is a bit more…let’s call it…flamboyant? Take our friend Gareth Rowland who’s coming to the Summit from England. I’m not sure if Gareth has ever won a race, but ask anyone…he always wins the party. His ice sailing regatta attire routinely includes Union Jack adorned sports coats, top hats, kilts and the like. And, no, I have no idea what he wears under the kilt, but if you come to the Summit, there’s a good chance you’ll find out.