Good morning from Menominee in Michigan, where miles of sailable ice have summoned the tribe. The Stern-Steerers and Skeeters made the 30 minutes drive north from Oconto, WI because the fish were biting. (See WSSA Secretary Andy Gratton’s message below.) The Wisconsin Skeeter Association championships will start today. The WSSA and DN Western Regional Championship will begin on Saturday. Green Lake, WI is the Nite Nationals site, and Elk Lake in Michigan will host the DN Central Region Championships. Here are links to all the results. Thanks to tabulators Mary Jane Schalk for handling the Nites, Skeeters, and Stern Steerers and to Ann Foeller for tabulating the DNs.


DN Western Region Championship
DN Central Region Championship
Nite Nationals
Wisconsin Skeeters Association Championship
Wisconsin Stern Steerers Association Championship

The WSSA regatta location has changed due to ice fishermen overtaking Oconto City Park. Apparently the fish are biting and today the park was so full with vehicles on both sides of the road that the beach ramp was inaccessible. Since this is a Thursday we are tentative that Saturday and Sunday will have even more vehicles parked in the way. Therefore the regatta is moved to Menominee where, if nothing else happens, we can be entertained watching DNs. The ramp is at the Watermark Bayview Restaurant, formerly Schlegel’s, on the north side of the parking lot. Permission to use their property as a drive-on and to park in the parking lot has been granted. The access is down a lumpy beach. Four-wheelers will be available to pull trailers though there is 17″ of ice near shore and 12″ to 14″ off-shore a few hundred feet. Drive on is possible. There is a working shove to be crossed to get to the racing area.
First race is now moved to 11 am Saturday, note the time change.
A few small grills will be available for anybody wishing to cook out Friday or Saturday evening. Bring your own food.
WSSA Secretary