The playground, scoured by 55 mph gusts on Monday.

Good morning from the shores of one of the dredge cuts leftover from the Fort Peck Dam construction in Montana. We’ll be heading to the lake when the sun rises to set up the boats.

On Sunday night, we arrived in Minnesota to pick up Pat and his C skeeter. Of course, this being iceboating, Daniel’s boat needed a few adjustments to the cascading block system. Then the trailer had to be painstakingly packed to avoid any other component rubbing and potentially to destroy the bubble canopies. Happy to report that all parts arrived in excellent conditions.

We drove all through the night towards the setting moon, practically the only traffic on the interstate through North Dakota. We met up with Sean Heavey in Glasgow at breakfast as the high wind warnings came to fruition and made a plan for the day.

Ice fishing folks braving the 55 mph wind gusts filled the landing we used for the 2020 DN North Americans. Pat and Daniel helped local DNer Tim Ogrinic wrestle his DN off the ice and checked into our house located 20 minutes from the landing. It was a day to scout for courses from the car and return to the Gateway restaurant for lunch, where we spent a lot of time in 2020.

We’ll be leaving soon to set up at the Marina landing. The ice more towards the dam has excellent potential. Stay tuned on Facebook and here for an evening report.