Here’s a look at England’s frigid winter of 1963, which looks quite normal to Midwestern eyes. The dramatic melancholy soundtrack, more suited to an alien-invasion movie, shows how much England was not well equipped for cold weather. Of course, others saw a great opportunity in the freeze, and iceboats came down from the rafters. Go to the 30:00 minute mark to see ice yachting in England in 1963. Unfortunately, the documentary doesn’t give a location where the ice sailing took place. Perhaps it’s in Norfolk, which does have a history of ice sailing. Tip of the Helmet: Rick Thompson

Update January 15, 2021: UK DNer Chris Williams who served for many years at the IDNIYRA European Secretary recalls: “Thank you so much for that great film of the 1963 winter. We remember it well and were living in Edinburgh at that time – I was second in command of a Royal Navy Minehunter! The picture at the start showing a large expanse of ice and several different types of ice yachts is not in the UK. At the 30 minute point in the film with several basic – home made ice yachts in in Lincolnshire ( east England). I introduced my DN when I returned from 3 years in Canada in 1969. I had built my DN as part of a project at the Nova Ice Yacht Club where I am a Founder
Member! We built 11 DNS !
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