Provisional Results

Via Nite Class Commodore John Hayashi:

The Nite class will be sailing out of Apuckwaka Park on the North shore of Lake Puckaway. The event starts on Saturday 12/26 with the flag dropping at 9 AM. You must be a Nite class member to participate. We will be following the Nite class protocols regarding COVID safe events listed on our class website Further updates will be posted on our class website and also Facebook page.

The ice has been walked and scouted and will be further scouted and sailed Christmas morning. We are currently recording 4 inches of ice. The conditions look excellent.

Black lines are very small working seams, they have small gaps with thinner ice and possible water gaps. The circle is a very small patch of rougher ice that can be sailed just a little more bumps to it. We will sail right off the landing.