Ron Sherry’s trailer with 3 Renegades was stolen near Detroit, MI over the weekend from a locked storage facility. Please keep an eye out for these boats. The trailer can be replaced but iceboats built by Ron and his dad, Lorne, can not.

!!! STOLEN !!! !!! STOLEN !!! !!! STOLEN !!! !!! STOLEN !!!
Ron Sherry’s Renegade Trailer was stolen from Fraser Automotive near 14 Mile and Utica Road. It was stored in a locked, fenced area. The chain to the lot was cut and the locked hitch coupler was somehow bypassed, allowing them to drive off with the trailer and all its contents. Three generations of Renegade iceboats, Lorne’s, Ron’s, and CJ’s Sweet Caroline, plus all the planks, sails, and tools. The license plate on the trailer is D829645. There is a sticker that says Iceboat near the lock on the door. Please contact us ASAP if you see this trailer.