Save the Swap Meet Date: Oct 22, 2023 @ Green Lake, WI

Ron Sherry inspects the Class A Skeeter LOST KAUS at last year’s swap meet at the Delavan Yacht Club in Delavan, WI.

2023 Annual Wisconsin Swap Meet Hosted by the Green Lake Ice Yacht Club

Date: Sunday, October 22, 2023
Time: 9 AM – Noon
Location: Town Square, Green Lake, WI

Our Green Lake Ice Yacht Club friends are preparing for their turn at the yearly iceboat swap meet. This event was initially established by Bob and Jane Pegel of the Skeeter Iceboat Club and was held in Williams Bay, WI for many years. Nowadays, the swap meet rotates between the Skeeter Iceboat Club, Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club, and Green Lake Ice Yacht Club.
Stay tuned for more details!

Skeeter Iceboat Club Bestows Honors

Skeeter Iceboat Club Lifetime Member, Mary Jane Schalk

Via Skeeter Iceboat Club member Susie Pegel:

On November 12, at the annual fall meeting of the Skeeter Ice Boat Club, four individuals were honored for their support of the sport of iceboating: Bestowed Life Membership included Fritz Button who races a self-built B Division Skeeter; B Skeeter skipper Bob Mereness whose father was a Life Member and a founding member of the SIBC; and Lou Loenneke who began iceboating when a youngster and eventually won Skeeter and DN championships. Mary Jane Schalk was granted Honorary Membership. When help is needed, she is the first to step forward to do scoring, service the chow line. or hold the end of the tape measure.

Iceboat Swap Meet Stories

Dash inspects a DN stay adjuster.

Iceboaters have a cliché: we spend 50% of our time building them, 35% talking about them, and 15% sailing them (your mileage may vary.) Ice sailors gathered at the Southern Wisconsin Iceboat Swap Meet and fulfilled the talking-about-them quota on Sunday, November 6, at the Delavan Lake Yacht Club in Delavan, WI. Veteran and new ice sailors gathered to exchange complete boats, sails, planks, hulls, and runners. It was a lovely sunny and windy day to be back where the iceboat swap meet all began, with the Skeeter Iceboat Club.

Next milestone – who will have first runners on the ice in North America?

Jane Pegel Honored at LGYC

National Sailing Hall of Fame members and ice sailors- from Left: Peter Harken, Jane Pegel, and Buddy Melges “All kings and queens are not born of royal bloodlines. Some become royal because of what they do once they realize who they are.” Pharrell Williams

Previous: Jane Pegel To Be Inducted into the NSHOF
A celebration to commemorate Jane Pegel’s induction into the National Sailing Hall of Fame was held at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club on Sunday, August 27th.
Susie Pegel reports:

Those in attendance at Jane’s party August 29th at the Lake Geneva Yacht Club included folks from Lake Geneva, Delavan, Madison, Pewaukee and Green Lake. And there was a surprise guest appearance from former DN world champion Mike O’Brien who flew in from New Jersey to say “hi.” Flowers had previously been sent to Jane from former DN world champion Henry Bossett. Mauretta Mattison sent regrets that she and Bill would be unable to attend the party. Many thanks to all the iceboaters who sent messages to Jane wishing her well and congratulations.

Excerpt from email sent to Jane from Dan Heaney:
“I am honored to be invited to the celebration of Jane’s selection to the Sailing Hall of Fame. I will miss the opportunity to hear the wisdom expressed by Jane regarding sailing, both hard water and soft water. Jane’s comments, especially those directed to my attention were always welcome and a positive contribution to my efforts as a race manager for the IDNIYRA. I look forward to the opportunity to see Jane in the future and will make it a priority to contact her and yourself on the occasion I have to be in Lake Geneva….we raise a toast to Jane in congratulations for being recognized for all the contributions made to the sport of sailing and the influence she has had on the sailors who have been lucky enough to meet her.”
Dan Heaney, Neenah, WI

Think Celebrate: Happy Birthday Jane Pegel

Jane Wiswell Pegel and her Skeeter CALAMITY JANE

Happy 87th birthday to the Skeeter Ice Boat Club’s Jane Pegel today!  If you are new to this sport, Jane is a national champion iceboat racer. She has also given back to this sport by serving in many different iceboat class governing roles over the course of her career. If you are interested in the sport, make plans to attend the annual iceboat swap meet in Williams Bay, WI that Jane helps to organize every fall. Watch for the announcement on this website.
 Jane Pegel Archives