Book Club: Fauerbach Brewing Company

Book Club: Fauerbach Brewing Company

“PRINCESS III in action” in front of Fauerbach Brewery on Lake Monona.

For over a hundred years, the Fauerbach family have been Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club members and officers. The epicenter of Madison iceboating ran across the isthmus from the Bernard Boat Shop on Lake Mendota to the Fauerbach Brewery on Lake Monona. Until the brewery was closed, 4LIYC members gathered in the brewery’s elaborately carved bar for a “cold dipper” to talk smart and conduct club business. Peter Fauerbach has written a book about his family, the brewery, the social history of Madison, and the Fauerbach’s iceboats. Peter’s book is a must-have for iceboating, beer, and Madison history fans.
Buy your copy online here.

“Winter in Wisconsin – a Place Like No Other”

Mother Nature came through for us this year on Lake Monona. Videographers Sam Li and Ian Tunney were there to help change minds about winter by including the sport in his latest production. Watch it here.

Sam Li
To all the people who love winter, here’s the film for you. To all the people who hate winter, I hope this changes your mind.

Lake Monona Skeeters are Speed Special

Matthew Sheehan “takes a look at the need for speed” on this episode of Planet Sail, and he doesn’t forget ice sailing. Using drone video from 4LIYC racing a few weeks ago, Skeeter sailors Mark Isabell and Rob Evans provide the example of the fastest sailing on the planet in contrast to the beauty and slower pace of Henry Bossett’s drone video of a South Bay Scooter. Link to YouTube video.

There is a serious need for speed out there right now. From state of the art super sleek foiling Moths that will go upwind at 20knots, to ice yachts that will hit 80mph and more – both of which we cover in this episode.

Will Johnston Regatta Photos

Will Johnston Regatta Photos

Pat Heppert sailing DRIFTER at the 2022 International Skeeter Association Regatta on Lake Monona in Madison, WI. Photo: Will Johnston

Photographer Will Johnson joined us at the ISA and Renegade Championship on Lake Monona on Saturday. He has a huge number of photos he’d like to share with us.


If any one wants some extra work done on some of them feel free to pass along my contact info I am happy to help.

The boaters are welcome to use the photos for any personal use, and feel free to post them any socials you see fit.

I had a good time watching the racing and hope to come out to more regattas
Will Johnston





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