Reflections & Resolutions – 4LIYC Meeting Recap

Last night, the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club gathered for its final season meeting at the Four Lakes Yacht Club. The event was memorable, with Lars Barber in charge of pizza pick-up, Daniel Hearn bringing the essential bottle of Irish whiskey, and Ken Whitehorse hauling in the historic Northwest pots and pans. We honored our Northwest champions and paid tribute to the legacy of Tim McCormick while also remembering other departed members. The gathering brought together familiar faces, including those from Green Lake and Oshkosh, adding to the camaraderie. Ken Whitehorse showcased the Northwest Skeeter Trophy and the Northwest Free For All Trophy, awarded at the first Northwest regatta in 1913.

Despite the shortness of this sailing season, we are always optimistic and are already laying the groundwork for an exceptional season ahead. The club is gearing up to host the Southern Wisconsin Iceboat Swap Meet next fall and brainstorming ways to make it an unmissable event.
Video link to Ice Sailors Irish Blessing.



Wooden Shoe Rather Be Iceboating?

“Wooden shoe rather be iceboating?” Erich Schloemer on Facebook

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Every year, our friends from the Dutch ice sailing club De Robben undertakes a remarkable journey to Sweden. It’s become a tradition that brings together families and friends for a week of ice sailing. The historic Dutch iceboats steeped in heritage and craftsmanship are at the heart of this tradition.
This week, they are in Herrfallet, Sweden. New this year is one of the most spectacular iceboats I’ve ever seen, a wooden shoe! Club member Maarten De Groot writes:

We have some Dutchmen walking on wooden shoes. This skipper has a cheesemaker farm and a wooden shoe farm where he produces wooden shoes. He made this big wooden shoe for his farm and transformed it into an iceboat. He is sailing on this with his wife and two kids!
We have great conditions with 95 people and 67 iceboats!

No wind, no problem. Time for socializing on the ice.

Announcing the DN Senior Shuffle Regatta!

Announcing the DN Senior Shuffle Regatta!

Get ready for North America’s take on the European DN Grand Masters Regatta.
It’s the first, maybe annual, no-running regatta for the “more seasoned” DN sailors. It will take place the three days following the Western Regional Championships, hopefully on the same ice.


  • January 8 – 10, 2024, the three days after the DN Western Region Championship, which is scheduled for January 6 – 7.


  • Open to Seniors (50-59), Masters (60-69) and Grand Masters (70+) who will race under Shuffle Rules with one start.
  • Open to “aspiring” Seniors (49 or younger) who will also race under Shuffle Rules with a separate start.


  • No running. Not at the start. Not during a race. No track stars allowed in a Shuffle race!
  • Starting positions will be determined, in advance, by random draw for every race. No one is advantaged or disadvantaged with a starting position based on their previous race performance. It’s all luck of the draw.
  • Racers must start with one foot on their plank, and are limited to five kicks.
  • Racers must stay in their boats unless they come to a complete stop during a race. In that event, a racer will have one additional 5-kick opportunity to complete a race. A second stop is an automatic DNF.
  • No more than 4 races which count on any one day. Scrub racing may continue after official races for any who are interested.
    Maybe we’ll award prizes…maybe we won’t. But what we do know, is that this is all about fun and camaraderie.
  • Oh, yeah. And that means no protests. We’re going to race like a Wisconsin intersection. “You go. No, you go. Ohhhh, please, I insist der my friend. Oh, cripes, tanks, der good buddy!”


  • $50 registration fee to cover prizes and extras
  • All registration will be online. If you’re tech-challenged, ask a youngster for help.
  • Because we’re so green, race documents will only be published online.


The Nite Rager – This Friday, June 23

The 2023-2024 ice sailing season officially kicks off this Friday in Madison with a full-on Nite Rager.

The Nite Rager is on for this Friday, June 23 starting at 9:30 AM. We will meet at Damien Luyet’s shop at 9:30 AM. Address is 2618 Industrial Dr., Monona. Tasks for the session are to re-saw and plane all wood to side board thickness. Weigh and deflect all boards for individual mast pairing. Cut all mast halves to correct profile and mark for internals. Cut leading edge pieces to prepare for glue up. Possibly route trailing edges for mast track. All are welcome to join. I imagine we’ll order some lunch delivery.

“It’s The People That Make the Club”

Where is YOUR trophy base? Paul Krueger’s was done within 24 hours of receiving the trophy! (Note PK’s photo on the wall.)

We had a packed house at last night’s Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club Awards Banquet at Springer’s, overlooking the lake that hosted the most iceboat racing in North America and maybe even the world.

It was a perfect mix of veteran and newer members. Long-time club members like “Admiral” Dave Nelson (Kegonsa is his private lake) and Mrs. Admiral Nancy came in the latest 4LIYC shirts, while Jerry Simon ensured the classic red blazer was present.
Banquet chair Lars Barber surprised the room with a sincere presentation highlighting the season and behind-the-scenes help that 4LIYC members provide to keep the show running.

Trophy chair Damien Luyet handed out the “pots and pans.” Because the club’s trophy engraver, Ray Karas, is no longer engraving, Damien and Donny Anderson had to devise a new way to get the job done. Ray was one of the last engravers we know about who could carve on a rounded surface. Damien asked that all trophy recipients make a base to make it easier for flat engraving.

The trophy base-building winner is Paul Krueger, who whipped up a base this morning for his Class A Skeeter trophy. Who will be the next person to make a trophy base?