Limited-Time Offer on 4LIYC Apparel

Attention Attention, Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club members and supporters! Enjoy a special discount on 4LIYC branded gear until December 14th at the Coral Reef online shop. Be sure to use the discount codes. Start your Christmas shopping early!

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4LIYC Online Iceboat Shipstore Open

4LIYC Online Ships Store
The Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club has partnered with Coral Reef Sailing Apparel to offer a full range custom shirts, hats, and more.  You choose your iceboat graphic – a DN, Nite, Renegade, or Skeeter.  Add a last name, boat name or sail number to personalize your Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club Tech Shirt!
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Via Harken Blockheads: “It’s 96 Degrees in the Shade…Time to Think Iceboating!”

Some people just can’t wait…

Get Started Iceboating!
Our friends at Harken have done it again, utilizing their international reach to promote the sport of ice yachting. Marketing intern Samuel Bartel, a recent University of Wisconsin graduate and DN sailor, created a YouTube video series on how to get involved in this “outrageously fun sport.” Thanks Samuel and Hannah Lee Noll for the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club and shout-out!
Read more and see all four videos on the Harken Blockheads website.
Or view them on YouTube
Preparing for Iceboating

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4

HWS Fort Peck Update: Come & Get It

Come And Get It!

Here’s a shot of our Fort Peck playground shot yesterday afternoon, February 27, 2022. Get registered, dude, you’re not going to want to miss it!
Our good friend, Pat Heppert, is a Carhartt kind of guy. He thinks Gortex is for sissies. Well, Montana feels like a Carhartt kind of place. No sissies there, either. So, our commemorative clothing item selection was a no-brainer. Only one question needed to be answered, “what would Pat wear?” Here it is, but you can’t buy one unless you are registered.

Want one? Get registered.  We need to give our food suppliers the headcount for our social functions ASAP.  Oh yeah–quantities and sizes of this collector’s edition vest are limited, so don’t delay.  Pat will be looking particularly sexy wearing this hot little number, but you could be whining like a little girl because you missed out.  Here’s the link–

Best From Your HWS Team,

Daniel (Sissy), Sean (Shutter King) and Deb (Rock Star)

Researching Hand Wear in Ice Sailing

Old school stern-steerer hand protection: Big leather mittens.

What type of mittens do you wear while ice sailing? Sports and Product designer Emily Guerra would like your feedback.

My name is Emily Guerra. I am a graduate student at the University of Oregon in the master’s in science in Sports Product Design program.

I am working on researching hand protection in Iceboat Racing and Winter Sailing. I came across your website during my research and would love to ask you some questions related to iceboat sailing, winter sailing apparel, and hand protection in the sport.

I have a form with questions related to my research subject and it would be great if you could fill it out and/or pass it on to other fellow iceboaters. The link is Feel free to answer some or all of the questions. I am conducting my research using this form as well as through phone calls so if you would like to speak more over the phone that would be great as well.

If you are interested, please let me know and we can set up a day and time. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you!

Emily Guerra