Where They Are Spring Sailing

Photo from DN Finland Facebook page

The Fat Lady is warming up and has sung in the Four Lakes area. There’s been iceboat racing in Finland and on Lake Baikal in Siberia the past week. Thunder Bay, always the spot for spring ice, is still hanging in there. Mike Madge reports the bay has “lots of ice but still needs a little Zamboni work for my liking. I am getting a little pickier on the ice conditions, as we have had such a great season.”
UPDATE: Chickawaukee Ice Boat Club’s Bill Bucholz says they “aren’t giving up yet!” Keep informed on their site for any spring ice sailing.

Spring sailing continues in the desert as several 4LIYC members (Jim Nordhaus, Wayne Schmedlin and his 2 grandsons, Geoff Sobering, Brad Wagner, and Lars Barber) made the trek to the cathedral of land sailing, Ivanpah, for the Blokart North Americans. We had one day of racing on Sunday, but 75 mph wind gusts and a dangerous dust storm kept us off the race course on Monday. I’ll be heading out to the play soon, dressed in warm iceboating gear because it’s in the 30s here this morning. Follow along on the NABSA Facebook page. Results here.

Brad Wagner gets a push during the Enduro Relay Race on Saturday, April 1.

Finn DNs!

DNs race for the start at the All Saints Regatta in Rauna, Finland.

Just back from the beautiful country Finland only 70 km from the Arctic Circle where I attended the first regatta of the European season, the Johnny Kohler Cup and All Saints regatta. Will write more later after some catching up. In the meantime, here are some photos. More on the DN Finland website.


The First Ingredients

Photo via Mike Miller posted on Minnesota Iceboaters Facebook Page. Lake Christina at 4:30 Monday Nov 6, 2017.

The Iceman Cometh! From Montana to Minnesota to Finland, ice is coming online and the sailing season will commence shortly! Who will be first?*

*Disclaimer: Observe all precautions when checking ice. Sail Safe and Smart!