4LIYC Burgee in the Netherlands

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The Dutch ice sailing club, DeRobben, and Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club completed a burgee exchange. Our burgee is now displayed in Alexander De Vos’ reconstructed 19th-century Dutch shipyard. Don Sanford, a 4LIYC Nite sailor, received a DeRobben burgee during his visit to the Netherlands in the spring. Maybe we will see the 4LIYC burgee flying on one of DeRobben’s historic Dutch ice yachts in the future!

Perfect Puckaway

While we wait for ice, check out this slice of iceboat heaven from Doug Kolner who sailed his Renegade on Lake Puckaway yesterday (December 27, 2019). Doug, 4LIYC Nite sailors Lars Barber and Maureen Bohleber took advantage of Puckaway’s Hollywood ice before the rain and snow moves in today.

Doug Kolner’s Renegade COLD FUSION hits the ice for the first time this season.      Photos: Nite Iceboats Facebook page

The new Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club burgee flew over Puckaway Friday. Get yours here.


Merch Alert: 4LIYC Burgees Now Available

Fly the fast colors of the 4LIYC

We have received our first shipment of burgees. There are two ways you can get one – come to the next for 4LIYC meeting and pick one up for $35 or send a check for $40 made out to the 4LIYC and we’ll ship it to you.

4LIYC Burgee

$40 (includes shipping)
Send check payable to 4LIYC to
c/o 1200 East Broadway
Monona, WI 53716