4LIYC Preliminary Racing Scores Published

Photo: Kenton Fowler via Instagram.

UPDATE: January 24: Scores have been revised. Thank you for your patience.
DNs, Nites, Skeeters, and Renegades each sailed three races on Sunday, January 21, 2024. Preliminary scores posted here. We are missing some names in the DN fleet. Please let us know who you are. Thank you for joining us on the race course. If you’d like to become a member of the 4LIYC, just click here and pay online. It’s only $21 and helps to keep our equipment maintained.

4LIYC: The Final Scores

Daniel Hearn’s C Skeeter flies by a Renegade at the 2022 ISA championship on Lake Monona. Photo: Will Johnston

4LIYC Season Scores

March brought the Fat Lady’s warmth and rain, signifying the close of the Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club racing season. Lake Monona provided some exceptional conditions this season, and it was reassuring to be back on home ice. After a two-year pandemic hiatus, we are looking forward to resuming our annual spring trophy awards banquet in April. All the pieces are falling in place, Tim McCormick has tabulated the scores, and our trophy chair, Damien Luyet, will be organizing the hardware. We’ll have more banquet news coming soon.