Adjusting Our Sails

New HWS Target Week: March 21 – 24

Unfortunately, snow has covered the ice at Fort Peck. Mother Nature decided she didn’t want us during the target week, and until she decides what she wants to do, we are on hold. Weather models show a significant warming trend next week. We want to put everyone on standby with hopes to hold the HWS on the third target week of March 21 – 24.

Ice sailors are eternal optimists, and we are holding out hope that the snow will disappear. We will continue to keep you informed about conditions. We understand it may be challenging to adjust your schedules, but we will still try to make this happen if Fort Peck ice comes in. All the pieces are in place, and the snow will soften out with a bit of luck.

We will keep you in the loop and send a weather update on Monday, March 7.

Your HWS Team,

Daniel, Sean and Deb