DN class iceboats on Lake Monona, January 2022. About 40 years separates the red boat US2412 and the two modern DNs. Photo: Kenton Fowler

Racers: Four Lakes Ice Yacht Club racing has been called on for January 15-16, 2022. Skeeters, Renegades, DNs, and Nites will race on the east end of Lake Monona out of Tonyawatha Landing. The first race is at 10 AM. Please pay annual club dues ($20) to Jerry Simon, Daniel Hearn or Deb Whitehorse.

Cruisers: For your best experience, we recommend that non-racing boats launch at Olin Park (launching fee required.) Please review our Safety Page and keep in mind that ice is never safe.

Monona Terrace provides a perfect warm perch for optimal viewing.