Via 4LIYC Skeeter skipper Ken Whitehorse

Back in the 80s, many 4LIYC Skeeter racers towed their rigs to the regattas in camper trucks. Some were M98, M96, M98, M161, M162, M1000, M150, M197, and many more. It was a rendezvous on ice! The wind was always moderate to heavy, and the ice was fast, clear, and deep. We enjoyed bacon and eggs at sunrise, and the flag was up at ten. Races were so plentiful there was a mandatory break for lunch and time to tune up your racer. I remember one time when Nelson M150 made lasagna for lunch. Her camper had an oven! Then we assembled back to our starting blocks after lunch at 1, followed by racing, tear-down, and smart-talk while sipping a few dippers at 4. Then the short walk to Norton’s for the Smoker and more smart-talk. As you see, I am making ready to experience those iceboat racing days again. See you all at the 2021 Western Challenge.
Ken Whitehorse M197