Greg Whitehorse sailing his Renegade BLADE RUNNER on Lake Monona

At the last 4LIYC meeting, Greg Whitehorse was nominated for the club’s Honor Roll, something that was long over due. Besides sailing and building ice boats nearly his entire life, Greg has been designing our 4LIYC graphics for many years. He also wrote a club newsletter for a while, peppering it with his  wry sense of humor. In your internet travels, take some time to read or re-read The Blade Runner where you will find the finest writing about ice boating anywhere.

Jerry Simon and Greg McCormick nominate Greg Whitehorse to be inducted into the 4LIYC Honor Roll. Greg has been an active club member for over 40 years and has served as Commodore or Vice Commodore on multiple occasions. As club historian, Greg has collected, maintained and preserved club records, artifacts and memorabilia.

An active racer with a long history in both the skeeter and Renegade fleets, Greg competed against and chronicled the stories of the sports greatest champions. Greg highlighted the victories and losses and penned tales of triumph and tragedy in his newsletter: “The Blade Runner.” Greg captured (in real time) races, events and conversations that would have otherwise been lost or forgotten.

Greg has generously shared his artistic talents, creating several club logos in the form of patches, hats and glassware, all promoting the 4LIYC and the sport of iceboating. Greg’s contributions to the sport will be appreciated for generations.

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