Warning! Kegonsa Crocodiles are present!

The state of the ice was discussed at last night’s 4LIYC meeting.  The Four Lakes area is not quite there yet but we should be ready for serious ice checks within days. Kegonsa was reported to be iced over but with the usual thin spots and goose holes. The east end of Lake Monona is iced over but like Kegonsa, there are open areas and thin spots all over the lake.

This time of year always brings up discussion about the Grand Slam, the 4LIYC fun regatta. Our bylaws state: The Grand Slam Regatta shall be sailed on the first safe and sailable ice in December or the first week in January. If the regatta is not sailed by then, the regatta shall not be sailed for in that sailing season.

Lake Puckaway near Montello looks like the best ice in our area for weekend sailing. The Nite Class has called on an early bird regatta there for December 21-22, 2019.  Via their Facebook page:

Nite sailors we are going this weekend!

The Early Bird Regatta is a go. We have checked the ice this morning and it looks locked in and way thicker, the ice surface is also way smoother then over the weekend. We are looking at a thickness of about 6 1/4″ and growing so by the weekend we should be around 7 plus inches. We will not be charging for the event but we do ask that if you want to be scored and line up that you have your dues paid up. We will not be doing payments on the ice….sorry. We will also be running with the Renegades and they are joining us for the weekend to race as well.

The coming weather after Sunday looks to be unseasonably warm and now is our best shot before the real season kicks in January.

The regatta site launch site will be at the Marquette County boat launch (Apuckwaka). Due to the warming temps we will be starting early in the day so expect to have the flag drop at 9AM on Saturday. Be at the landing as that is where everything will take place. Please do not drive up or back up on the ice, do not take the landings out this early in the season.

Expect to do as many races as we can fit in.